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World Politics

Boris Johnson’s out, and the Tories are at war

Why the PGA Tour merged with LIV Golf

Why the Ukraine dam destruction is a massive disaster — now and in the future

Can the West keep supplying Ukraine with enough artillery?

The deadly train collision in India, explained

Why we need a Memorial Day for civilian victims of war

The potential fallout from drone attacks in Moscow

What Erdogan’s win means for the West — and the world

The US’s multiple Indo-Pacific strategies, explained

Henry Kissinger is 100, but his legacy is still shaping how US foreign policy works

The high-stakes debate over how the US defines “antisemitism”

The longest battle of the Ukraine war might finally be over

How Ukraine is trying to woo the Global South — and why it’s so hard

Ecuador’s political instability, explained

9 questions about Biden’s border policy, answered

Thai voters choose democracy in a stunning election

Erdogan has the edge as Turkey’s elections head to a runoff

Turkey’s extremely big-deal election, explained

Could the US have helped avert the crisis in Sudan?

Pakistan’s political turmoil over Imran Khan’s arrest, explained

How Russia’s invasion transformed one Ukrainian city

What Imran Khan’s arrest means for Pakistan

The nationalist dark side of Joe Biden’s climate policies

Sudan’s spiraling crisis, explained

Serbia’s populist president pledges “disarmament” after mass shootings

The Kohinoor diamond isn’t on display at the coronation. Colonialism still is.

What a viral video reveals about Russia’s struggles in Ukraine

King Charles’s coronation, decoded

Why Russia renewed large-scale aerial attacks against Ukraine

How Saudi money returned to Silicon Valley

In Sudan, the US government finally begins evacuating its citizens

Will having the world’s biggest population make this the “Indian Century”?

The thorny ethical issues of the Pentagon partnering with the private sector

Can a 50-year-old treaty still keep the world safe from the changing threat of bioweapons?

As the end of Title 42 nears, Congress is no closer on immigration overhaul

So what’s the deal with Ukraine’s spring offensive?

Why so many top Republicans want to go to war in Mexico

Are 8 billion people too many — or too few? 

Myanmar’s brutal, two-year war against its people, explained

How one gamer posting on Discord threw the security state into a panic

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