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World Politics

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The dark — and often misunderstood — nuclear history behind Oppenheimer, explained by an expert

Why Europe is so angry about Biden’s signature climate bill

Thailand’s democracy could still move forward — even without Pita

How bad will things get now that Russia has quit its grain deal with Ukraine?

Why ultra-green Germany turned its back on nuclear energy

Sudan’s mass grave is the latest development in a brutal conflict

What Ukraine did — and didn’t — get from the NATO summit

The Biden’s administration’s remarkably unambitious approach to Israel

After all that, Turkey will support Sweden’s NATO bid

Biden’s Eurotrip, briefly explained

So is Turkey finally going to let Sweden into NATO?

What the Dutch parliament collapse reveals about European migration

The US’s controversial decision to send cluster munitions to Ukraine, explained

What the siege of Jenin signals about the future of Israel and Palestine

The troubling court decision roiling Guatemala’s elections, explained

France’s protests over a police killing, briefly explained

What Egyptian hip-hop says about the country a decade after the military coup

Wagner’s real money never came from diamonds and gold

Brazil bars Bolsonaro from political office for eight years

What the Wagner rebellion might mean for Russia’s war in Ukraine

Prigozhin said he was just being a patriot. Do Russians agree?

What’s going on with Vladimir Putin after the mutiny?

Aleksandr Lukashenko, the dictator who took credit for ending Wagner’s mutiny, explained

The far right’s gains in the Greek election, briefly explained

Why Guatemala’s first-round elections were so surprising

Russia’s wild weekend and the Wagner group’s march to Moscow, explained

Why strikes might disrupt your summer Eurotrip

Prigozhin’s coup attempt unleashes chaos on Russia

Why the US is selling India so many weapons

Just how close are Russia and China?

The world’s largest democracy is collapsing before our eyes

Here’s what’s at stake in Blinken’s trip to China

Mali’s referendum can’t guarantee a democratic transition

Why are there still American troops in Syria?

A guide to understanding the Ukrainian counteroffensive

Boris Johnson’s out, and the Tories are at war

Why the PGA Tour merged with LIV Golf

Why the Ukraine dam destruction is a massive disaster — now and in the future

Can the West keep supplying Ukraine with enough artillery?

The deadly train collision in India, explained

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