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World Politics

How a Yemeni rebel group is creating chaos in the global economy

Cocaine, cartels, and corruption: The crisis in Ecuador, explained

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s mysterious absence, explained

Want to understand American views on Israel? Take a look at this 1958 novel.

Behind Iraq’s call to remove US-led forces

What Houthi attacks in the Red Sea mean for global shipping — and conflict

2024 is the biggest global election year in history

Israel’s horrible year started long before October 7

Why sexual violence in war is so widespread — and under-covered 

The US may be flouting its own laws by sending unrestricted aid to Israel

Argentina’s new president, Javier Milei, explained

What happens in Ukraine if US aid disappears?

Biden weighs a “shocking” revival of Trump’s immigration agenda

What elite universities — and their critics — get wrong about campus antisemitism

The growing global support for a Gaza ceasefire, explained


Why Israel has so many Palestinian prisoners

TikTok isn’t creating false support for Palestine. It’s just reflecting what’s already there.

Why we still underestimate what groups like Hamas are capable of

The return of liberal Zionism?

Can Democrats overcome their deep divisions over Gaza?

Israel’s wartime assault on the free press

The “apocalyptic” humanitarian situation in Gaza, captured by one quote

Qubit by qubit, the quantum computers of tomorrow are coming into being

How the keffiyeh became a symbol of the Palestinian cause

The Israel-Hamas war is tearing American cultural institutions apart

Russia’s absurd claim that the LGBTQ community is extremist, explained

Israel moves into southern Gaza after a week-long truce — and its goals are murkier than ever

Israeli settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank, briefly explained

How Israel fractured the left and united the right

What Henry Kissinger wrought

There are now more land mines in Ukraine than almost anywhere else on the planet

What is life like in Palestine? These short films offer a glimpse.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping is pictured raising a fist in a party salute, with images of his family and the word’s “Xi’s rise” in graphics behind him.

The rise of Xi Jinping, explained

The Israel-Hamas prisoner deal was extended. What comes next?

What we know about the shooting of 3 Palestinian American college students

You can’t even pay people to have more kids

How Myanmar’s resistance could topple its military government — for good

Want to donate to charity? Here are 10 guidelines for giving effectively.

The controversial phrase “from the river to sea,” explained

How Qatar became a key broker in the Israel-Hamas deal

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