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2020 Democrats hate Trump’s China trade war. Too bad they don’t have any better ideas.

The weird, telling Joe Biden debate moment that didn’t get enough attention

Hong Kong’s protesters created their own “national anthem”

The US and China called a small ceasefire in their trade war. But the standoff isn’t over.

Mike Pompeo is the Trump administration’s ultimate survivor

The UK government’s own assessment of what a no-deal Brexit looks like is dire

Scottish court rules Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament was unlawful

John Bolton left because Trump wouldn’t let him start a war

Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan to annex a massive part of the West Bank, explained

John Bolton is out. Let the era of Trump Alone begin.

Worker angst is spreading around the globe. This pilots’ strike is the latest example.

CIA reportedly removed top spy from Russia over fear of retaliation — and maybe Trump

John Bercow, the guy known for shouting “Order!” in Britain’s Parliament, is stepping down

Moscow’s elections dealt a blow to Putin’s party. But it’s complicated.

“My heart cries”: For one Rohingya refugee, a dream of home that may never be fulfilled

Dorian leaves thousands without power in Canada as it finally heads to open water

Boris Johnson refuses to ask the EU for a Brexit extension. Some experts say he may go to jail for it.

Trump cancels an imminent US-Taliban peace deal over a deadly attack

I met Robert Mugabe in the late 1970s. What he told me still haunts me.

Iran is to blame for its recent aggressive actions. But so is Trump.

How James Mattis learned to stop worrying and love TV appearances

The week in Brexit drama, explained

Trump’s top Middle East peace envoy is quitting. There’s still no Israel-Palestine deal.

Trump is taking money from Puerto Rico’s recovery and European security to fund his wall

The constitutional change at the heart of the UK Parliament’s endless deadlock

UK Parliament gives Boris Johnson his third defeat in 2 days

Mike Gravel, the former senator running an anti-war Twitter campaign for president, explained

Hong Kong’s leader made a big concession to protesters. Is it “too little, too late”?

Trump is diverting $3.6 billion from the US military to build his border wall

UK Parliament seizes control in an attempt to avert no-deal Brexit

After another mass shooting, Trump chooses to focus on knife crime — in London

Hong Kong activists arrested on eve of pro-democracy movement anniversary

Why it’s been so lucrative to destroy the Amazon rainforest

Brexiteer to Irish backstop: a handy Brexit glossary

Are we doing enough to prevent human extinction?

How China’s repression playbook backfired in Hong Kong

Italian far-right politician Matteo Salvini’s power grab may have officially failed

Boris Johnson just suspended Parliament over Brexit. Here’s what’s going on.

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