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How Iran’s Soleimani became a US target

Trump’s Israel-Palestine peace plan, explained

Trump’s Israel-Palestine “peace plan” is a con

Trump’s Israel-Palestine peace plan: Read the full text of his so-called “deal of the century”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is officially going to trial on corruption charges

The 2 key questions that will determine if the coronavirus outbreak becomes a pandemic

What China’s quarantine to stop the Wuhan coronavirus looks like

This stream has:

Wuhan coronavirus outbreak: News and updates

Did China downplay the coronavirus outbreak early on?

Trump said no US troops were hurt in the Iran strike. The number is now up to 34.

Invasion Day is a day of mourning for Indigenous Australians. The bushfires make this year extra poignant.

The top UN court ordered Myanmar to protect the Rohingya. An expert explains what it means.

Thousands in Iraq called for US troops to leave the country. But there’s more to the story.

Thailand’s playboy king isn’t playing around

Top US Iran envoy: We will kill Soleimani’s successor if another American is murdered

Brexit is finally happening. On January 31. For real this time.

The evidence on travel bans for diseases like coronavirus is clear: They don’t work

Exclusive: State Department cable shows plan to restrict pregnant people from visiting the US

8 things everyone should know about Australia’s wildfire disaster

The Saudi crown prince reportedly hacked Jeff Bezos

Trump downplays US troop injuries from Iran’s attack, calling them “not very serious”

Tom Steyer’s foreign policy plan: Just do whatever Obama did

More than half the world’s millennials fear a nuclear attack this decade

How Lunar New Year became a shopping holiday for Western brands

New anti-government protests in Beirut leave more than 300 injured

11 US troops were injured in Iran’s attack. It shows how close we came to war.


Why Australia’s fires are linked to floods in Africa

How thousands of Iranians went from mourning a general to protesting the regime, in a week

Iran says it’s now enriching uranium at levels higher than before nuclear deal

USMCA, Trump’s new trade deal, explained in 600 words

The Senate has approved the USMCA, bringing Trump’s trade deal one step closer to reality

2020 Democrats finally got specific on foreign policy in the Iowa debate

The Russian government’s dramatic shake-up, briefly explained

Trump wanted to repeal an anti-corruption law so US businesses could bribe foreigners

Trump signed a “phase one” trade deal with China. Here’s what’s in it — and what’s not.

Australia’s weird weather is getting even weirder

Can populist economics coexist with pro-immigrant policies?

Iran, China, and war: Foreign policy topics to watch for in the January debate


Are Australia’s koalas going extinct? We asked an ecologist.

Iran makes plane crash arrests, but continues to blame the US for the disaster