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Afghanistan’s staggering set of crises, explained

Ukraine and the problem of “futurelessness”

Biden distanced himself from Saudi Arabia — until gas prices got bad

Why grain can’t get out of Ukraine

If aliens are calling, let it go to voicemail

How the US is failing refugees, in one chart

Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s new investment fund deepens his ties to national security interests

Why some countries don’t want to pick a side in Russia’s war in Ukraine

Boris Johnson barely survives a challenge to his leadership

How Ukraine’s new weapons reflect a very different battlefield

100 days in, Russia’s war is now a brutal offensive in eastern Ukraine

The pollution from Russia’s war will poison Ukraine for decades

What will the EU’s Russian oil ban do?

Underground hip-hop is banned in Egypt. Now, it’s the soundtrack to Marvel’s Moon Knight.

Countries are limiting food exports. It may make global hunger worse.

Australia confiscated 650,000 guns. Murders and suicides plummeted.

Why Biden’s off-the-cuff comment about defending Taiwan matters

The problem of global energy inequity, explained by American refrigerators

What Biden’s approach to Asia misses

The US just deepened its commitment to Ukraine by $40 billion

The European country where “replacement theory” reigns supreme

The developing Covid crisis in Beijing, explained

Finland and Sweden’s historic NATO bids, explained

What Mariupol’s fall means for Russia — and Ukraine

The Philippine election is the latest example of illiberalism’s popularity

The staggering amount of US military aid to Ukraine, explained in one chart

Lebanon is in political crisis. Sunday’s elections won’t change that.

Why Sri Lanka’s new PM isn’t the change the country needs

The killing of Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, explained

The new Russian offensive in Ukraine isn’t going much better than the previous one

The extraordinary heat wave in India and Pakistan, explained

Could the Ukraine war spill over into Moldova?

The solution to “differential demography” is more migration

The Biden experts waging war without weapons

The EU can’t quite get it together on a Russian oil embargo

How many people have died from the Covid-19 crisis?

Are sanctions against Russia working?

Was Russia’s decision to cut off natural gas exports a mistake?

The economic crisis in Sri Lanka, explained

Ron DeSantis is following a trail blazed by a Hungarian authoritarian

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