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The US government’s ongoing battle with Chinese telecom giant Huawei, explained

Taiwan’s parliament passes historic same-sex marriage law

Thich Nhat Hanh’s final mindfulness lesson: how to die peacefully

Farmers are losing patience with Trump’s trade war

Trump’s executive order may be aimed at Huawei, but its impact could be far wider

Rod Rosenstein’s replacement has officially been confirmed by the Senate

Trump’s crackdown on China’s Huawei is escalating the trade war

Former US Attorney Preet Bharara says good journalism may have undermined the Mueller report

The “smarter” wall: how drones, sensors, and AI are patrolling the border

Here’s what a so-called "smart wall" of technology at the US-Mexico border looks like.

Why Turkey has accused NBA player Enes Kanter of “terror” ties

Why Senate Republicans are fracturing over Donald Jr.’s testimony

The US decision to withdraw staff from Iraq shows the Iran standoff continues

Trump’s puzzling trade war with China, sort of explained

Why China’s new tariffs could make the US trade war even worse

The rape allegation against Julian Assange, explained

Former Defense Secretary Ash Carter says AI should never have the “true autonomy” to kill

Hungary’s leader is waging war on democracy. Today, he’s at the White House.

Attack on Catholic church kills 6 people in Burkina Faso

French special forces rescue hostages in a deadly Burkina Faso raid

South Africa’s ruling party ANC wins reelection

US-China trade talks end with no deal — and more tariffs

Is gun violence in America a foreign policy problem? Stacey Abrams and Mitch Landrieu say yes.

Over 4 months after Mattis quit, Trump picks Patrick Shanahan as defense secretary

South Africa’s election was a test for Nelson Mandela’s party. It’s now poised to win.

What a major arrest in Venezuela says about the Guaidó-Maduro standoff

Why North Korea has launched 2 missile tests in less than a week

Trump’s Iran policy is making war more likely

The UK has now gone a week without coal power. It’s aiming for the most aggressive climate target in the world.

Iran just said it won’t comply with parts of the landmark nuclear deal

Bernie Sanders’s political revolution on foreign policy, explained

How Yemen crystallized Sanders’s 2020 foreign policy message

Sam Harris talks Islam, politics, Twitter, and Trump with Kara Swisher

2 Reuters journalists jailed in Myanmar for covering atrocities against Rohingya were pardoned

The growing, dangerous US-Iran standoff, explained

China’s secret internment camps

What should a left foreign policy look like? An Elizabeth Warren adviser offers his vision.

After a weekend of violence, Israel and Gaza reach a tentative ceasefire

North Korea tested a missile over the weekend. The Trump admin flubbed the response.

Violence continues as Israel and Hamas exchange fire over 2 days of fighting 

Bill McKibben has been sounding the climate alarm for decades. Here’s his best advice.

Why North Korea’s “projectiles” launch isn’t a cause for concern — yet