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North Korea just revealed one of its most potentially dangerous weapons yet

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Special counsel Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation: news and latest updates

Boris Johnson, the UK’s next prime minister, explained in under 600 words

Mark Esper was just confirmed as the next defense secretary

Boris Johnson is set to be the UK’s new prime minister

As Hong Kong protests continue, mob violence against demonstrators casts a shadow

Trump says he could wipe Afghanistan off face of the earth in 10 days

India’s Chandrayaan-2 mission blasts off for the moon

Puerto Rico’s week of massive protests, explained

Iran says it arrested 17 people spying for the CIA. The US says it’s fake news.

“We’re not ready” for foreign election interference in 2020, says Rep. Adam Schiff

Extradition and independence: What’s behind the continued protests in Hong Kong

Why 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang doesn’t want to break up Google

Boris Johnson, the frontrunner to be the UK’s next prime minister, explained

Trump says US Navy destroyed Iranian drone

Microsoft says it notified nearly 10,000 customers that they were cyberattack victims

How to address the causes of the migration crisis, according to experts

Elizabeth Warren grills defense secretary nominee Mark Esper over Raytheon lobbying

Mark Esper, President Trump’s pick for defense secretary, explained

The US has a risky new plan to protect oil tankers from Iranian attacks

Pompeo launched a personal review of the CIA’s Russia findings in 2017. He found no wrongdoing.

Joe Biden wants to restore the pre-Trump world order

Biden releases video blasting “the Trump Doctrine” of foreign policy

“Trump is quite easy to buy off”: how Trump is putting American foreign policy up for sale

The UK ambassador to the US just resigned. Here’s why it’s a big deal.

Israeli minister says US Jews marrying non-Jews is “like a second Holocaust”

Want to help people in Venezuela? Your best bet might be bitcoin.

Trump blasted the UK ambassador to the US, again. A British PM hopeful clapped back.

UN human rights chief is “deeply shocked” by US treatment of migrants

The Trump administration authorized arms sales to Taiwan. China isn’t pleased.

Trump tweets “we will no longer deal” with UK ambassador after leaked cables

Prosecutors are investigating whether GOP donor Elliott Broidy used Trump ties to profit

“A nasty, brutal fight”: what a US-Iran war would look like

Journalist Carole Cadwalladr has a question for tech workers: Are you okay with your bosses enabling “techno-fascism”?

In leaked memos, Britain’s ambassador to the US calls Trump “clumsy and inept”

US-Iran standoff: a timeline

Sudan’s military and civilian opposition have reached a power-sharing deal

Biden believes NATO will cease to exist in Trump’s second term. That’s a bit far-fetched.


How India runs the world’s biggest election

China is installing a secret surveillance app on tourists’ phones