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Trump’s trade policy is a disaster. Here’s what the next president should do.

North Korea continues to test weapons. Trump continues not to care.

Netanyahu blocks Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from visiting Israel

“A shameful, unprecedented move”: Democrats react to Israel blocking Omar and Tlaib’s trip

Canada’s ethics watchdog finds Prime Minister Justin Trudeau violated law in SNC-Lavalin case

The US isn’t the only major economy facing a possible recession

Russian cities are still choking under smoke from massive Siberian wildfires

A$AP Rocky is found guilty of assault in Sweden but gets to stay out of jail

Hong Kong airport protests escalate with canceled flights and police standoffs

The pro-democracy protests rocking Moscow, explained

Trump is delaying tariffs on some Chinese products in a temporary trade war ceasefire

What caused Russia’s radioactive explosion last week? Possibly a nuclear-powered missile.

North Korea’s new weapons, and how they affect Trump’s nuclear deal hopes, explained

A Norwegian white nationalist tried to kill Muslims at a mosque

Hong Kong protests continue for a 10th week in face of Beijing’s threats

North Korea dislikes US-South Korea military exercises. Apparently, Trump does too.

The escalating trade war between South Korea and Japan, explained

Narendra Modi tells India that “a new era has begun” after Kashmir power grab

Stephen Biegun likely Trump’s pick to be US ambassador to Russia

Hong Kong protesters stage a laser show in latest challenge to Beijing

The latest crisis between India and Pakistan over Kashmir, explained in under 600 words

Pakistan cuts off diplomatic and economic ties to India over Kashmir power grab

India’s risky Kashmir power grab, explained

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Pete Buttigieg’s plan to combat domestic terrorists and pass gun control laws, explained

The wrong US response to Russia and China may trigger a “new Cold War,” warns Stanford University’s Larry Diamond

The Trump administration adds even more sanctions to try to push out Venezuela’s Maduro

Trump’s designation of China as a currency manipulator, explained

Mexico’s threats to take legal action against the US for El Paso, explained

North Korea just tested its fourth set of projectiles in under 2 weeks

Cesar Sayoc, who sent explosives to Trump critics, just received a 20-year sentence

Trump wants social media to detect mass shooters before they commit crimes

Saudi Arabia changed its guardianship laws, but activists who fought them remain imprisoned

John Ratcliffe, Trump’s pick for top intel post, withdraws amid scrutiny over exaggerated bio

US and EU settle their beef beef with new trade deal

Trump sanctions Russia again over chemical weapons attack in UK

US and Taliban may strike a deal allowing American troops to come home from Afghanistan

The US just withdrew from an important nuclear arms treaty with Russia. Don’t panic — yet.

North Korea just carried out its third missile test in over a week

Trump announces tariffs on nearly all Chinese goods starting in September

Osama bin Laden’s son, the “Crown Prince of Terror,” is dead. Or is he?