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Why all your friends are sending you voice notes

Stop using your phone number to log in

How India runs on WhatsApp

Why the US government wants Facebook to sell off Instagram and WhatsApp

The Jeff Bezos hack could happen to anyone

This could be the beginning of the end for Facebook’s social network

Mark Zuckerberg believes Facebook’s future is private messaging

WhatsApp is at risk in India. So are free speech and encryption.

Facebook is in trouble for secretly breaking Apple’s rules. But what it’s doing out in the open is way worse.

WhatsApp is fighting fake news by limiting its virality. Could Facebook and Twitter do the same?

Facebook’s reputation as a good place for founders is suddenly under attack

This stream has:

Facebook is implementing a massive product reorganization

Chris Cox is becoming Facebook’s most important executive not named Mark Zuckerberg

WhatsApp has a new boss: Chris Daniels, the guy who’s been running Facebook’s

WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum is leaving Facebook and is expected to step down from the board

WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton is leaving the company to start his own foundation

WhatsApp is building out its business team to start bringing in revenue

WhatsApp’s Jan Koum sold or gifted more than $5 billion worth of Facebook stock over the past year

After the London terror attack, a top U.K. official says Facebook needs to open up WhatsApp

WhatsApp is rolling out its own version of Snapchat (and Instagram) Stories

WhatsApp has hired its first COO: Facebook exec Matt Idema

New Year’s Eve was WhatsApp’s busiest messaging day ever

WhatsApp is adding FaceTime-style video calls

WhatsApp just added a bunch of Snapchat-style camera features

WhatsApp just launched a new app — on desktop

Why is Facebook doing so well?

Here are the things you probably won't hear on Facebook's earnings call

Viber Joins WhatsApp, Apple With End-to-End Encryption

The New Encryption Bill Isn't Finished and Silicon Valley Already Hates it

Take That, FBI: WhatsApp Is Now Fully Encrypted

Why Was a Facebook Executive Arrested in Brazil? Encryption.

Facebook's WhatsApp Is Now Free

Is Your Messaging App Encrypted?

The Familiar Culprit Behind Brazil's WhatsApp Ban: Encryption

Brazil Has Blocked Access to WhatsApp for Two Days

Code/Mobile 2015: Facebook VP of Messaging Product David Marcus

You No Longer Need a Facebook Account to Use Facebook Messenger

Three Things We Want to See From Facebook Earnings (But Probably Won't)

Re/wind: Microsoft's Fancy New Holographic Headset Thing, Saving Deleted Photos and More

WhatsApp Is Coming to Your Desktop

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