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Vox Sentences: The bad E in e-cigarettes

Health officials think they’re gotten to the bottom of the vaping sicknesses; Spain’s national elections fail to break an impasse.

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A “very strong culprit” in the vaping illnesses

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is scrutinizing vitamin E oil in THC vape products for potential links to the ongoing wave of vaping-related illnesses. [NBC News / Erika Edwards]
  • Officials claim that their investigation reveals strong evidence that the Vitamin E acetate added to some THC vaping liquids, often black market ones, isn’t safe to inhale. Investigators have found the chemical at main sites of damage in patients’ lungs. [Vox / Julia Belluz]
  • By sampling 29 patients’ lung fluids across 10 states, the CDC rediscovered the chemical, which was also tied to the sickness in early September by New York officials. [The Verge / Mary Beth Griggs]
  • But they are still hesitant to eliminate other chemicals as the cause of the illnesses, positing that animal studies might be needed to definitively determine the illnesses’ cause. [Associated Press / Mike Stobbe]
  • Since March, at least 2,051 Americans have fallen ill with vaping-related sicknesses. To date, 39 deaths were confirmed by the CDC. [Wall Street Journal / Brianna Abbott and Jennifer Maloney]
  • The vitamin E oil-linked vaping sickness isn’t the only health issue. Echoing recent sentiments by President Trump, ex-Food and Drug Administration chief Scott Gottlieb has called for the ban of Juul nicotine vaping products from shelves across the country to prevent teen usage. [CNBC / Jessica Bursztynsky]
  • Even some of Juul’s most loyal customers are ditching the electronic smoking alternative in light of health concerns. [Vice / Hannah Smothers]

Parties fall short of outright victory in Spain

  • Spain’s elections on Sunday once again did not bring a governing majority for any party. [Associated Press / Ciaran Giles]
  • With roughly 34 percent of the vote, the Socialist party maintained the largest share of seats but fell short of a majority in the fourth election since 2015. [El País]
  • While the conservative People’s Party came in second, the far-right Vox party doubled its seats from the April elections. [BBC]
  • Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez of the Socialist party called for this election to attempt to gain more seats for his party. “One way or another we’ll form a progressive government and unblock the political stalemate. ... We call upon all the political parties, except for those that work against coexistence and foster hatred,” Sanchez said. [Reuters / Belén Carreño, Andrei Khalip and Ingrid Melander]
  • Sanchez’s bet backfired, with the Socialists losing a few seats, and Spain’s future is uncertain as his party wants to avoid returning to the polls or creating a grand coalition with conservative or left-wing separatist rivals. [The Guardian / Sam Jones]



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