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Vox Sentences: School’s still out in Chicago

Chicago teachers strike stretches into its second week; Brexit deal hangs in the balance.

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CTU workers stand strong on the picket lines

  • A strike by the Chicago Teachers Union enters its fifth day after negotiations between CTU and Chicago Public Schools failed to come to a resolution. [ABC7 Chicago]
  • 32,000 educators and school employees took up signs and formed a picket lines to demand better wages, smaller class sizes, and the hiring of more support staff. [CNN / Holly Yan]
  • Special education teacher and bargaining team member Jonathan Williams made note of the need to ensure school employees were able to provide at home so that they can do their best at work. “We take care of the most vulnerable kids in the city of Chicago, and we should be compensated fairly,” Williams said. [USA Today / Grace Hauck]
  • This isn’t CTU’s first strike in recent years. Their 2012 boycott helped revitalize the organizing power of teachers unions. [Vox / Dylan Scott]
  • With around 300,000 CPS students missing class, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot called for CTU to end their strike while remaining at the bargaining table. [Chicago Tribune / Gregory Pratt and Katherine Rosenberg-Douglas]
  • Teachers might not be in the classroom, but CPS buildings are still offering select services to students, and several programs around the city were expanded to occupy students missing class. [Wall Street Journal / Ben Kesling]
  • While school is out for the nation’s third-largest school district, CPS employees are teaching the nation that education needs an overhaul. [Vox / Alexia Fernández Campbell]

Johnson asks EU for extension but still wants Brexit

  • British Speaker of the House John Bercow blocked Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan from coming to a vote. But a more lengthy voting process could begin as soon as Tuesday. [The Guardian / Kevin Rawlinson, Ben Quinn, and Frances Perraudin]
  • Opponents of the Brexit deal are attempting to kill Johnson’s proposal by weighing it down with amendments that will continue to deprive him of necessary support from Parliament. [BBC]
  • An earlier vote on Saturday withheld parliamentary support of the deal and required Johnson to send a letter to the EU requesting an extension of the October 31 deadline. But then he sent a second letter expressing his commitment to meeting the current deadline. [Vox / Jen Kirby]
  • Despite the efforts to work against his intentions to execute Brexit, Johnson may be considerably closer to succeeding than his predecessor Theresa May. [NYT / Stephen Castle and Mark Landler]
  • The Atlantic’s David Frum wonders if a second referendum might be all the UK needs to stop Brexit. [The Atlantic / David Frum]



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