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Vox Sentences: Impeachment, Day 24

This week in impeachment news; Friday prayers turn deadly in an Afghanistan mosque bombing.

An illustration of the White House and black and yellow jagged shapes. Amanda Northrop/Vox

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This week in impeachment

  • The impeachment process could be going on a while: The Republican-controlled Senate is making plans for a trial before the end of the year, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the timeline will depend on the “truthline.” [Vox / Ella Nilsen and Li Zhou]
  • So what happened this week? A lot of testimony before Congress — all of which made clear that President Donald Trump was pushing the Ukrainians to investigate Hunter Biden. [Washington Post / Ashley Parker]
  • Here’s a rundown of the key parts of the testimony so far, including several current and former officials who described the involvement of Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, in foreign affairs. [NYT / Weiyi Cai and Alicia Parlapiano]
  • In the midst of all this, Energy Secretary Rick Perry announced his resignation on Thursday. Trump claims that Perry pushed him to call Zelensky back in July. [Vox / Li Zhou]
  • An internal memo on impeachment polling circulated among House Democrats, including the finding that ”voters back a Democrat who supports an impeachment investigation over a Republican who opposes an impeachment investigation by 11 points.” [Axios / Alexi McCammond]
  • Ezra Klein is launching a new podcast to make sense of what may become the third impeachment trial in US history. It’s called Impeachment, Explained, and the first episode comes out this Saturday. [Vox / Ezra Klein]

Mosque bombing in Afghanistan

  • A bomb in eastern Afghanistan’s Nangarhar Province this morning ripped apart a mosque with a full congregation inside for Friday prayers. [Al Jazeera]
  • At least 62 are confirmed dead with another 36 wounded. This attack is part of an escalation in violence in Afghanistan; 1,174 civilians were killed between July and September, according to the UN. [CNN / Ehsan Popalzai and Ivana Kottasová]
  • Amnesty International’s deputy South Asia director Omar Waraich said in a statement,“This is not a war that is winding down, it is escalating and the people who are suffering the most are civilians.” [NYT / Thomas Gibbons-Neff]
  • No organization has claimed responsibility for the attack, but a spokesperson for Afghanistan’s president accused “the Taliban and their partners.” [Washington Post / Susannah George and Sayed Salahuddin]



“Thank you for asking because not many people have asked me if I’m ok.” [Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle in an interview about life under a media spotlight]

Listen to this: Trumpster fire

Last week, the White House stonewalled the impeachment inquiry. This week, the stonewall came crumbling down. [Spotify | Apple | Stitcher]

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