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Vox Sentences: Canadians demand a handgun crackdown

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The US government tries to meet a family reunification deadline; Canada contemplates gun control after a mass shooting in Toronto.

A scramble to reunify separated families at the border

Lynne Sladky/AP
  • The Trump administration says it has reunified all “eligible” children with their families, after they were separated from their parents at the border. [WSJ / Alicia A. Caldwell and Arian Campo-Flores]
  • What does that mean? The government says 1,442 children — more than half of those who were separated from their families — are back with their families. [Vox / Dara Lind]
  • There are still 711 kids who have not been reunified with their families and remain in government custody, because their families couldn’t be located, have already been deported, or were deemed “ineligible” for reunification by the government. An additional 378 children are no longer in government custody, but it’s unclear if they are with their parents, sponsors, or other relatives. [Vox / Dara Lind]
  • The government was under a court-mandated deadline to reunify families at the border; in June, US District Court Judge Dana Sabraw mandated the government reunite all children ages 5 to 17 with their families by July 26, finding the family separations “brutal” and unconstitutional. The government had to meet an earlier deadline for children under 5 years old. [NYT / Michael D. Shear, Julie Hirschfeld Davis, Thomas Kaplan, and Robert Pear]
  • The whole effort was reportedly frenzied and chaotic, with kids being shuttled around airports and some being sent across the country only to find that their parents had already been deported. [Reuters / Tom Hals]
  • There are still 900 parents who have final deportation orders and who have to decide whether they want their children deported with them. [CNN / Emanuella Grinberg, Chuck Johnston, Tal Kopan, and Catherine E. Shoichet]
  • Immigration lawyers say many of these immigrants, unable to speak English or Spanish, felt coerced or misled into signing deportation paperwork that they did not understand, waiving their rights to be reunified with their children. [Washington Post / Samantha Schmidt]
  • There’s a dark reality here, as explained by a former US immigration official: Some kids simply won’t ever see their parents again after being separated at the border. [CNN / New Day]

After Toronto shooting, Canadians want action

  • After a shooting in a bustling neighborhood in Toronto last week that killed three and injured over a dozen more, city officials are urging the Canadian federal government to crack down on guns. [Guardian / Ashifa Kassam]
  • City officials in Toronto are calling on the federal government to pass a handgun ban, and the administration of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is taking a serious look at the proposal, according to government officials. [Globe and Mail / Robert Fife]
  • Trudeau is expected to say if and how the government will proceed with gun control legislation next month. But there’s some concern from gun control advocates about whether a ban would crack down on the flow of guns across the US-Canada border. Police believe the Toronto shooter may have obtained the gun from a relative in the United States, according to CBC. [CBC News / Sarah Jackson and Sheena Goodyear]
  • The Toronto City Council is also urging the federal government to take a look at passing laws that would make it harder for those with mental health issues to buy guns, and spend more on security cameras. [Washington Post / Alan Freeman]


  • Hey, elections nerds, here’s a super-awesome, super-precise map of the 2016 election for you to get lost in. [NYT Upshot / Matthew Bloch, Larry Buchanan, Josh Katz, and Kevin Quealy]
  • It’s not just Drake’s exhaustive (and, in my opinion, exhausting) 25-track album ... a lot of rap albums are getting longer. Is this a new phenomenon? Pitchfork investigated. [Pitchfork / Andrew Mayz]
  • Segway has a new idea to fill the void left by exploding hoverboards. They’re strange little electric skates that cost $399 and are — there’s no easy way to say this — kinda ugly. [Racked / Chavie Lieber]
  • We won’t be able to watch today’s “blood moon” total lunar eclipse IRL, but we can still marvel at it on the internet. [Washington Post / Blaine Friedlander]


“[Brock] Pierce just may be the richest person in the world with no barrier to entry. Everyone is welcome to join the party, which is one of the reasons everyone likes to be around him.” [Rolling Stone / Neil Strauss]

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