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Vox Sentences: Putin on a show

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The world watches as Trump and Putin meet in Helsinki; France celebrates its win at the 2018 World Cup.

No puppet

Trump and Putin Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images
  • President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin met face to face at a summit in Helsinki today. The two leaders joined together for a “remarkable” press conference afterward. [Bloomberg / Justin Sink, Margaret Talev, and Ilya Arkhipov]
  • Given several openings to condemn Putin and Russia’s election meddling, Trump instead discussed US-Russia relations and the Electoral College — which he said was “advantageous for Democrats.” [Vox / Andrew Prokop]
  • Trump made it clear he would side with Putin and Russia (over US intelligence agencies) on the question of election interference, doubting aloud that Russia had been involved. [CNN / Jeremy Diamond]
  • Did we mention that a reporter asked Putin if he had any dirt on Trump? Putin dismissed the allegations but dodged the question. [Huffington Post / Marina Fang]
  • Journalists and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are shocked and unhappy with Trump’s behavior. They’ve called his actions “shameful,” “disgraceful,” and “bizarre.” [AP / Lisa Mascaro]
  • We don’t know everything about the Trump campaign’s relationship with Russia. Nevertheless, what the public does know — especially following this summit — is pretty damning. [Vox / Ezra Klein]
  • The bottom line: The news conference raises the question of whether Trump really is prioritizing “America First.” [Washington Post / Dan Balz]

Vive la France!

  • France took home the World Cup trophy on Sunday after beating Croatia 4-2. [NPR / Merrit Kennedy]
  • The Sochi World Cup was perhaps “the most gripping in a generation.” [Economist / T.W.]
  • France celebrated its win today with a parade in Paris that drew a crowd of hundreds of thousands. [BBC]
  • The 2018 World Cup came with a slew of political concerns. The tournament was hosted in anti–free speech, institutionally homophobic Russia. Most fans and players did their best to ignore those concerns. [Guardian / Lee Hurley]
  • Members of Pussy Riot, a politically charged Russian band and activist group, rushed the field dressed as Russian police to draw attention to a list of demands. They want Russia to release all political prisoners, end “illegal arrests at protests,” and “allow political competition in the country.” They were sentenced to 15 days in Russian jail. [Pitchfork / Matthew Strauss and Michelle Kim]
  • The French team was incredibly diverse, with white, black, Arabic, Muslim, and Christian players who were all primarily immigrants or children of immigrants. Nevertheless, that diversity isn’t likely to have a huge effect on French society. [SB Nation / Zito Madu]


  • It’s the most materialistic day of the summer: Amazon Prime Day. Excited to get those sweet deals, Amazon users crashed the website. [The Verge / Nick Statt]
  • Doing away with many hair regulations targeted toward women, the US Navy will now allow women to wear locs, braids, topknots, and ponytails. [Racked / Nadra Nittle]
  • A British film academic found Stanley Kubrick’s long-lost screenplay Burning Secret. Better keep your Eyes Wide Shut if you’re not a Kubrick fan (get it?). [Variety / Stewart Clarke]
  • Running experts and researchers have found that women likely run faster and physically perform better after giving birth. [Tonic / Markham Heid]


“Funerals are sad: I want 5 bouncy houses (because I’m 5), Batman, and snow cones.” [Garrett Matthias, a 5year-old who recently died from a rare form of cancer, in his (mostly) self-written obituary / NYT]

Watch this: The (mostly) true story of hobo graffiti

What we know about hobo graffiti comes from hobos — a group that took pride in embellishing stories. [YouTube / Coleman Lowndes]

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