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Vox Sentences: The SCOTUS swing vote is retiring

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Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring; Poland amends their controversial Holocaust law.

Goodbye, Justice Kennedy

Neil Gorsuch Is Sworn In As Associate Justice To Supreme Court Eric Thayer/Getty Images
  • Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy has announced he will retire at the end of July. Kennedy, 81, was the longest-serving justice on the Supreme Court with 30 years under his belt. [NYT / Michael D. Shear]
  • Kennedy’s resignation has wide-ranging implications for the future of America. A Supreme Court without Kennedy is likely to swing right on abortion, criminal justice, and gay rights. [Vox / Dylan Matthews]
  • President Donald Trump said he plans to replace Kennedy immediately. He will review his list of 25 candidates from the last nomination he made.
  • [USA Today / David Jackson and Jessica Estepa]
  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell intends for the Senate to vote on whoever Trump nominates before the midterm elections. Here are the key senators to watch in these votes. [Vox / Andrew Prokop]
  • Senate Republicans famously refused to confirm a Supreme Court nominee in an election year in 2016, but that apparently makes no difference. [NYT / Nicholas Fandos]
  • Kennedy’s replacement also underscores the importance of midterm elections: Democrats didn’t turn out in 2014, and now conservatives will remake the Supreme Court for a generation. [Vox / Ezra Klein]

You can no longer go to jail for blaming the Holocaust on Poland while in Poland

  • Poland has decriminalized their controversial “Holocaust law.” Previously, anyone who said that Poland was responsible for the Holocaust — in any manner — could face up to three years in jail. [AFP]
  • While the law has been decriminalized, citizens and visitors alike still face fines for accusing Poland of any complicity. [Al Jazeera]
  • The legislation was initially approved to prevent citizens and the media from referring to Nazi concentration camps as “Polish death camps.” [Newsweek / Damien Sharkov]
  • Poland feels the nation ceased to exist under German occupation, during which time 5 million polish people died. In the government’s eyes, Poland is not complicit because any Polish natives that committed war crimes were, instead, Nazis. [BBC / Adam Easton]
  • Critics of the law were concerned that it could prompt an influx of anti-Semitic hate speech and crimes. [NPR / Sasha Ingber]
  • The amendment to the law was prompted by international backlash, including from the US and Israel. [Financial Times / James Shotter and Evon Huber]


  • The Cut investigates Big Dick Energy and which celebrities have it. If you’re wondering, Donald Trump does not. [The Cut / Allison P. Davis]
  • The mysterious rock floating through space that people theorized was a UFO has been declared a comet … unless the aliens inside figured out the perfect disguise. [The Verge / Rachel Becker]
  • Model Gigi Hadid was styled as an “illegal” “alien” for a tone-deaf fashion shoot with Moschino. It’s not Gigi’s first race-based offense, and looking at her track record, it will probably not be her last.
  • [Refinery29 / Charlotte Gush]
  • Wildfires are raging across the moors of England. Fifty families have so far evacuated their homes. [The Guardian / Helen Pidd and Kevin Rawlinson]


“There’s no presidential election this year.” [Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell justifying why Justice Kennedy’s replacement should be seated even though Merrick Garland wasn’t / Twitter]

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