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Vox Sentences: Harvey Weinstein in handcuffs

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Harvey Weinstein turns himself in to New York police; law enforcement in Ontario is searching for two suspects in a restaurant bombing.

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Harvey Weinstein finally goes to court

Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images
  • Film producer Harvey Weinstein has turned himself in to police, and was arraigned in a New York courtroom this morning. [CNN / Meg Wagner]
  • Weinstein is being charged with rape, a criminal sex act, sex abuse, and sexual misconduct with two women. These are the first criminal charges he has faced since the investigation against him broke. [NYT / Benjamin Mueller]
  • The criminal charges stem from the allegations of two women, but Weinstein is facing a slew of sexual assault allegations from more than 80 women, including actresses, production assistants, and others. [BBC]
  • His bail was set at $10 million or $1 million cash. Weinstein paid it up front with a cashier’s check and was outfitted with an ankle bracelet to monitor his movements. [Kate Erbland via Twitter]
  • Though the producer escaped jail time, he’s housebound and cannot travel outside of New York or Connecticut. [Vox / Anna North and Alissa Wilkinson]
  • Weinstein plans to fight the charges; his attorney entered a not guilty plea. But New York City prosecutors are pursuing charges of first- and third-degree rape. Both are felonies, and the first-degree rape charge carries a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison. [CNN / Brynn Gingras, Emanuella Grinberg, Sonia Moghe, and Dakin Andone]
  • Weinstein accusers including Asia Argento and Rose McGowan released statements saying they were glad to see the first steps taken toward justice for them and other survivors. [Hollywood Reporter / Evan Real]
  • The allegations against Weinstein, first reported last year, helped spark the #MeToo movement of women going public with their experiences of sexual harassment, assault, and misconduct from men across industries. [NYT / Maya Salam]
  • Vox has kept a running list of those who’ve been accused of misconduct since early 2017 — it now numbers more than 200. [Vox / Anna North]

There’s been a bombing near Toronto

  • Police in Ontario, Canada, are searching for suspects in a restaurant bombing near Toronto that injured 15 people. [Time / Eli Meixler]
  • Some of the victims were critically injured and taken to nearby hospitals after two men entered an Indian restaurant called Bombay Bhel and set off what police believe was an improvised explosive device in a bucket or a pail. [NPR / James Doubek]
  • Police are still searching for a motive but have so far said there’s no evidence suggesting it’s a hate crime. They are still trying to identify and locate the two men who walked into the restaurant and detonated the bomb. [NYT / Catherine Porter and Dan Bilefsky]
  • No one was killed during the explosion, but some people remain in critical condition. This is the second serious recent attack in the Toronto area, after a man driving a van mowed through pedestrians in the city, killing 10 and injuring 14. [Washington Post]


  • Many small rural hospitals across America are closing, leaving small communities and wide swaths of land without needed medical and emergency care. [Guardian / Michael Graff]
  • Actor Jason Bateman is still facing criticism for defending fellow Arrested Development actor Jeffrey Tambor’s on-set outbursts and equating it to something that happens in a “family.” [BuzzFeed / Anne Helen Petersen]
  • Hippo poop is a problem: It’s stinking up the Mara River in Africa, depleting the water of oxygen, and killing the fish. Also, there’s a lot of it. [Atlantic / Ed Yong]
  • Apparently, it takes an entire six months to learn all the responsibilities that come along with being a duchess. And Meghan Markle is about to go through her royal training. [The Times / Valentine Lowe]


“Goats are really fascinating animals. They’re much more captivating than sheep or cows or horses, I think. It’s a lot like watching fish. You can waste a lot of time watching fish, and you can waste a lot of time watching goats.” [Eco-Goats owner Brian Knox to Washington Post / Marissa Lang]

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