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Vox Sentences: The manhunt for the Waffle House shooting suspect has ended

Jason Davis/Getty Images

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The suspect in a fatal Waffle House shooting in Tennessee is captured; French President Emmanuel Macron heads to the White House for President Trump’s first state visit.

Police apprehend Waffle House shooting suspect

Jason Davis/Getty Images
  • A one-day manhunt in Nashville, Tennessee, is over, as police say they’ve captured the suspected shooter who killed four people and wounded two more at a Waffle House on Sunday. [NYT / Alan Blinder]
  • Travis Reinking, a 29-year-old from Illinois, was arrested Monday afternoon as police found him in a wooded area near his apartment complex. Authorities said they were able to capture the suspect after a tip from the public. [Vox / Emily Stewart]
  • The suspect is the same man who made national headlines last year for being in a “restricted area” near the White House because he wanted to speak with President Trump, according to the Secret Service. [Talking Points Memo / Matt Shuham]
  • Reinking’s co-workers told reporters he was “paranoid,” and the suspect also had a history of being involved in strange incidents. He had accused singer Taylor Swift of stalking him and was involved in an incident where he exposed himself to people at a public pool and had threatened another man with an AR-15 in Illinois. [Tennessean / Dave Boucher]
  • Reinking allegedly used a semiautomatic AR-15 to carry out the deadly shooting on Sunday. After his arrest for the incident at the White House, police had taken away Reinking’s guns, but eventually gave them back to the suspect’s father ... whom police now suspect of giving the guns back to his son. [Tennessean / Dave Boucher]
  • The suspect was wrestled to the ground by Waffle House patron James Shaw Jr., who rushed the suspected gunman after the first shots went off. Shaw suffered a gunshot wound and a burn, but neither injury was life-threatening. He went on to raise thousands for the victims’ families through a GoFundMe page. [Washington Post / Allison Klein]

Trump rolls out the red carpet for Macron

  • French President Emmanuel Macron is in Washington, DC, for a state visit with President Donald Trump. It’s the first of Trump’s presidency, and it will come with all the fancy trappings, including a helicopter ride, French flags flying in DC, and a big state dinner. [Washington Post / James Hohmann]
  • Of course, it’s not all glitz and glam. Trump and Macron are there to talk state business, and at the top of Macron’s agenda is the Iran nuclear deal, which he will try to pressure Trump to continue to support. Trump has continued to uphold the US portion of the denuclearization deal but has shown signs of wavering in the past. [NYT / Peter Baker and Julie Hirschfeld Davis]
  • The two men are known for a closer working relationship than Trump enjoys with other European leaders, but there have been some tensions lately over Syria and the US’s limited involvement after recent airstrikes. Macron has said he successfully pushed Trump to keep American troops on the ground there, which was quickly refuted by the White House. [NPR / Ayesha Rascoe]
  • Almost no Democratic members of Congress or members of the press have been invited to the state dinner on Tuesday, which is a noticeable break from precedent. [Associated Press / Darlene Superville]


  • Princess Charlotte just made history as the first female royal not to have her position in line for the throne usurped by a younger-born brother. [The Cut / Lisa Ryan]
  • A former National Security Council staffer says that to communicate a point to the president, its’ best not to surpass the syntactical complexity of “See Jane Run.” [New Yorker / Patrick Radden Keefe]
  • A genetics researcher’s work gets personal when she finds out her daughter’s rare illness stems from the exact gene she studies. [NYT / Pam Belluck]
  • Watch out for snakes and fire ants: Rising temperatures are opening up new ground to venomous creatures. Including your own backyard. [Pop Sci / Kate Baggaley]


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