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Vox Conversations

Vox Conversations brings you discussions between the brightest minds and the deepest thinkers; conversations that will cause you to question old assumptions and think about the world and our role in it in a new light. Join Sean Illing, Jamil Smith, and their colleagues across the Vox newsroom for new episodes every Monday and Thursday.

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The brightest minds, the deepest thinkers, one important topic

Andrew Yang on 2020, UBI, and fixing government

Black Republicans, Donald Trump, and America’s “George Floyd moment”

Andrew Yang on UBI, the coronavirus, and his next job in politics

What the Iraq disaster can teach us about Trump

How to decarbonize America — and create 25 million jobs

Isabel Wilkerson wants to change how we understand race in America

What it would take to end child poverty in America

Hannah Gadsby on comedy, free speech, and living with autism

What would Keynes do?

A devastating indictment of the Republican Party from a GOP insider

Bryan Stevenson on how America can heal

What a post-Trump Republican Party might look like

Masha Gessen on the frightening fragility of America’s political institutions

The radicalism of the American Revolution — and its lessons for today

How technology literally changes our brains

Which country has the world’s best health care system? 

Ross Douthat and I debate American decadence

Why Ta-Nehisi Coates is hopeful

Robert Frank’s radical idea

Why “essential” workers are treated as disposable

Jenny Odell on nature, art, and burnout in quarantine

An unusually honest conversation about wielding political power, with Rep. Pramila Jayapal

What should the media learn from the coronavirus?

Bill Gates’s vision for life beyond the coronavirus

Madeline Miller on myth, nostalgia, and how power corrupts

Why Bernie Sanders lost and how progressives can still win

Scott Gottlieb on how, and when, to end social distancing

Elizabeth Warren has a plan for this, too

What social solidarity demands of us in a pandemic

An economic crisis like we’ve never seen

“The virus is more patient than people are”: Obama’s Ebola czar on why the coronavirus is much worse

Labor organizer Jane McAlevey on how the left builds power all wrong

Pod Save America’s Dan Pfeiffer on Joe Biden, beating Trump, and saving democracy 

Are you a “political hobbyist”? If so, you may be the problem.

What would a Sanders or Biden presidency look like?

Rebecca Solnit on Harvey Weinstein, feminism, and social change

Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Tracy K. Smith on the purpose and power of poetry

What Trump got right about white America

Ta-Nehisi Coates on why political power isn’t enough for the right

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