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Vox Book Club

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Close reading the fleshy, obsessive internet of No One Is Talking About This

In Fake Accounts, we lie and lie and lie all over the internet 

Spend the winter reading novels of our online brains

The smart political argument behind the satire Such a Fun Age

Spend November reading Such a Fun Age, a witty and biting social satire

In Lauren Groff’s Matrix, medieval nuns build a feminist utopia

The Vox Book Club is spending October reading and talking to Lauren Groff

The meditative empathy of Susanna Clarke’s Piranesi

RSVP now for our live Q&A with Susanna Clarke

This September, the Vox Book Club returns with Susanna Clarke’s Piranesi

Leave the World Behind’s bougie apocalypse

Gold Diggers author Sanjena Sathian on why she reads Philip Roth as a minority writer

Spend June with the delicious vacation read Leave the World Behind

How Gold Diggers finds the horror in petty high school betrayal

RSVP now to talk Gold Diggers with Sanjena Sathian and the Vox Book Club

Novelist Akwaeke Emezi talks writing a nonbinary novel

The Vox Book Club May pick features heists, alchemy, and the Indian American diaspora

How The Death of Vivek Oji inverts the murder mystery

The Power author Naomi Alderman talks patriarchy and revenge with the Vox Book Club

This April, the Vox Book Club is reading The Death of Vivek Oji

How Naomi Alderman’s novel The Power deconstructs the patriarchy

Raven Leilani, author of Luster, on how to be alone in New York City

This March, the Vox Book Club is going deep on gender, power, and corruption with The Power

Join Raven Leilani to discuss her debut novel Luster live on Zoom

Debut novel Luster is a biting psychosexual family satire

How Gideon the Ninth author Tamsyn Muir queers the space opera

Raven Leilani’s wickedly smart Luster is the Vox Book Club’s February pick

The profound grief and terrible puns of Harrow the Ninth

RSVP now to talk Gideon the Ninth with Tamsyn Muir and the Vox Book Club

The remixed genre tropes of Gideon the Ninth, explained

Susan Choi talks process, teenagers, and the infamously tricky ending of Trust Exercise

This winter, the Vox Book Club is reading about lesbian necromancers in space

The mind-boggling end of Susan Choi’s Trust Exercise, explained

RSVP now to join Susan Choi in talking Trust Exercise with the Vox Book Club

Why white supremacy is a cult, according to novelist Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Lean into uncertainty with Trust Exercise, the Vox Book Club’s November pick

Gothic novels are obsessed with borders. Mexican Gothic takes full advantage.

Join the Vox Book Club to talk Mexican Gothic with author Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Elif Batuman on why you should never be embarrassed about anything

Get ready for Halloween as the Vox Book Club reads Mexican Gothic