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Virtual reality & the metaverse

Vox's coverage of virtual reality and the metaverse.

Who wants to pay $3,500 for Apple’s new goggles?

Is Apple’s weird headset the future?

Snow Crash author Neal Stephenson predicted the metaverse. What does he see next?

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What Meta employees really think about their company’s brutal year

Recode obtained a recording of a Mark Zuckerberg Q&A and internal survey results that show how Meta’s struggles are impacting staff.

The $1,500 ticket to Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse

Legs are finally coming to Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse

Meta top executive Nick Clegg explains Facebook’s futuristic plans for the metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg wants to build a voice assistant that blows Alexa and Siri away

Can VR art help us see the real world differently?

Why you should care about Facebook’s big push into the metaverse

Facebook’s freaky new glove

Facebook is backing away from facial recognition. Meta isn’t.

Facebook is now Meta, but it’s not quite a metamorphosis


How virtual reality tricks your brain

How tech companies are trying to make augmented and virtual reality a thing, again

If Congress cancels federal funding for PBS, rural areas will be hurt the most, says CEO Paula Kerger

Laurene Powell Jobs says President Trump’s attacks on the press are “right out of a dictator’s playbook”

How do you preserve art when it was made for people using Netscape Navigator on Windows 98?

What happens to free speech when we all live in a virtual world?

Why Airbnb will be worth more than Uber

Lauren Goode returns for the final episode of Too Embarrassed to Ask

Full transcript: Louie Swisher and his mom do a VR experience and take listener questions

Oculus Go, the virtual reality headset Facebook hopes will bring VR to the mainstream, is finally here

Full transcript: VR researcher Jeremy Bailenson on Recode Decode

Here’s what we just learned (and what we still don’t know) about Magic Leap

What Facebook (and many, many others) get wrong about VR

Can VR make us healthier, smarter and less racist?

Walmart has acquired a virtual reality startup as part of its tech makeover

Facebook’s Oculus boss thinks standalone headsets are the key to getting a billion people into VR

VR still isn’t mainstream, but Oculus thinks its new $200 headset could fix that

Facebook-owned Oculus built another VR headset: The $199 wireless ‘Oculus Go’

Williams-Sonoma CEO Laura Alber: ‘I do not believe Amazon is killing retailers’

Full transcript: Google VP Clay Bavor answers VR and AR and MR questions on Too Embarrassed to Ask

Watch the slightly bizarre trailer for Oculus’ first ‘full-length VR film’

Here are some of the coolest trailers from Comic-Con 2017 so far

Is the future VR ... or AR?

Facebook is still trying to get people pumped about virtual reality

YouTube is launching a new format that will let you shoot VR footage in 2-D

Don’t expect a killer VR app from Google anytime soon

How to watch Google I/O 2017 live

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