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What’s killing Minnesota’s moose?

And what it would mean to lose the moose.

The Anishnaabe, or Ojibwe, have lived on the land we now call Minnesota since long before European settlers arrived. For as long as they can remember, their lives have been intertwined with that of the moose. It’s more than a source of food — it’s also a way of staying in touch with their ancestors, who carved game pieces from the antlers, fashioned elaborate clothing from the hides, and used the hair to embroider intricate designs on everything from stockings to cradleboards.

But this relationship between the Anishnaabe and the moose is in danger. The moose population has been in free fall for the past two decades. Something else is killing the moose. We joined a group of scientists as they set out to unravel the mystery, in the hope that this generation of Anishnaabe won’t be the last to thrive alongside the moose.

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