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India’s trucks are works of art

Why India’s trucks look like this.

Trucks are a crucial aspect of India’s economy; they help it move and grow. And Bedford brand trucks were one of the first introduced to India, brought to the country during World War II. Bedfords and other similar models stuck around after the war, and since then have been produced commercially throughout the country.

Today, the Bedfords you see transporting goods throughout India are usually covered in elaborate paintings. Painting these trucks makes them stand out on the road, and the colorful words and images help motivate drivers and keep them safe during long, brutal work hours. Covered in art, they’re more than functional and mundane, they’re spectacles of beauty in India.

These colorful trucks are all over the country, and the designs aren’t random. Artists that specialize in painting trucks put a lot of thought and effort into the art form.

In this latest episode of Vox Borders: India, the team looks at why truck art is so important.

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