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Here’s where we’re going for Vox Borders, our new international documentary series

What can we not miss in these six locations?

This post is an update on Vox’s Borders project with Johnny Harris. You can stay up to date with the Borders journey on Facebook, Instagram, or by signing up for the Vox Borders newsletter.

Three weeks ago, we launched open submissions for Vox Borders, our new international video series. We’re humbled, grateful, and beyond excited to have received nearly 6,000 responses, every one of which we read.

The submission ideas spanned every continent, including Antarctica, and were sent to us by people of all ages, creeds, and identities. Together, these ideas and the people they originated from form a rich tapestry of the profound connection we feel with the stories of others, even if they never intersect with our own.

The Vox Borders project is meant to be an active dialogue with you, our audience, to identify and document the border stories that can humanize the people and communities divided by lines on a map. This summer I’ll travel to six locations around the globe inspired directly by your suggestions, and produce a final set of documentaries that will publish this fall.

Our final locations are:

  • Japan
  • Svalbard
  • The Dominican Republic and Haiti
  • The US and Mexico
  • Spain and Morocco
  • China and Nepal

As I’m traveling to each of these locations, I’ll also be publishing regular dispatches. Dispatches can be anything from short, minute-long explainers to more robust mini documentary videos. The focus of these videos isn’t on the main Vox Borders story, but rather the fabric of everyday life in the six places I’ll be visiting. They capture my discoveries, reflections, and learnings as I find myself among new people, new cultures.

Now that our locations have been decided, I’m once again asking for submissions. I want your suggestions on the people, places, customs, and uniquely interesting things in these six places that I should create dispatches around while I visit them. I believe these common differences, when taken together, unite us all.

Fill out our form to send in your thoughts. Just like last time, I promise we’ll read them all!