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We want your story ideas for “Borders,” Vox's new international video series

What’s an interesting border you’ve been to or heard about?

We’re launching a new documentary series called “Borders,” six films about human stories that emerge from lines on the map.

Borders are having a comeback. The rise of nationalist figures in Europe, Japan, India, and the US has been met with the call to fortify borders and recapture a strong national identity. Phrases like “Build the wall” and “Brexit” have become a part of everyday conversations.

Borders can seem arbitrary when you look at a map, but these lines have enormous impact on people’s lives. That story — the human story of what happens when we draw lines on a map — is the one I want to tell, but I need your help.

Based on your suggestions, I will travel to six borders around the world this summer. While I travel, I will be publishing video dispatches on Facebook, Instagram, and the Vox YouTube channel, culminating in six documentaries to publish in the fall.

I want you to travel with me and be a part of my reporting. The topic is broad, and these stories will be strongest if they emerge from the input of a lot of people. You can follow along on Facebook and Instagram to see where I’m going, make suggestions, and ask follow-up questions as I make these videos. You can also subscribe to receive regular Borders email updates.

In the end, I hope we build a community of people interested in the world, in maps, in travel, in culture, and in understanding how macro-level events and policies affect individuals’ stories. I hope you’ll follow along.

UPDATE: The submission period for Vox Borders stories has ended. Thank you to the nearly 6,000 individuals who submitted story ideas on our form and across social media. Our final list of Borders travel locations can be found here.

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