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Robert Reich: Jeff Sessions needs to resign for the sake of the country

Robert Reich isn’t an adviser to Donald Trump, but his advice for the president on dealing with the four Russia scandals that continue to hobble his administration is quite simple.

“The most important thing to do right now,” the former secretary of labor under Bill Clinton and current professor of public policy at UC Berkeley, told Vox, “is to regain the trust of the public.”

To achieve this, Reich argues, Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions must resign. He went on to say that Congress should then appoint a special prosecutor “who has no axe to grind” to oversee an independent investigation into Trump’s Russia connections.

“The investigation must be the entire ball of wax,” Reich says. “It's not just Sessions. It is not just Flynn. It is not just any individual around Trump. It is the whole Russian connection.”

For more on why Reich insists on an independent prosecutor — not to mention which parallels Reich sees between Richard Nixon’s time in office and President Trump’s — watch this installment of Vox Voices, a new video series featuring the opinions and ideas of individuals from outside our newsroom.

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