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Not sure how to deal with a Trump presidency? Ask Mexicans.

After the election, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Mexico to ask Mexicans about their views on America, post-election. Instead of going in with my own set of questions, I decided to crowdsource them from Facebook and Twitter. Many users suggested interesting topics (the wall, anyone?), but Mexican native Dan Pichardo’s suggestion stood out: “Ask them for advice on how to deal with authoritarian presidents and governments,” she wrote. “We have a loooong history of surviving oppression and normalizing violence.”

I loved her framing, and hit the streets of Puebla, one of the most conservative states in Mexico, to gather some advice for anxious Americans who feel like Donald Trump’s authoritarian tendencies need to be challenged.

We’ve heard a lot about what some Americans think about Mexico, but what does Mexico think about America? And, more importantly, what can America learn from it? In the latest episode of 2016ish, that’s what we try to find out.

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