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How China is changing Hollywood

The US will not have the biggest box office for much longer.

The growth of China’s middle class has created a massive new market for the entertainment industry. China has built an average of 27 new cinema screens per day this year and surpassed the US with 40,475 screens total. Not only that, but in 2017 China’s box office revenue will likely surpass that of the US, making China the largest movie market in the world.

Obviously, moviemakers in Hollywood want to reach those customers. The problem is the Chinese government only allows a certain number of foreign films into the country each year, and censorship laws make it difficult for Hollywood to make films that appeal to both US and Chinese moviegoers at the same time.

From product placement and casting famous Chinese entertainers in supporting roles to altering filming locations and storylines, Hollywood has done a lot over the past 20 years to gain entry into China’s ever-growing moviegoing market.

The video above explains just how China and Hollywood’s relationship has evolved over the years.

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