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Venture Capital

How Saudi money returned to Silicon Valley

Why does the WeWork guy get to fail up?

This Barack Obama adviser is quietly investing $250 million in startup founders of color

A Silicon Valley firm said it could give its own investors expedited coronavirus tests — but then said it was just “boasting”

Nathan Latka is a bestselling author and tech podcast host. Is he also a con man?

Why a robot pizza startup could be worth $4 billion

One of Peter Thiel’s venture capital firms has devolved into legal chaos

After a wild 8 years, Facebook’s former VP of communications is switching to venture capital investments

In 10 years, every “relevant” company will be a tech company, Stitch Fix CEO Katrina Lake says

The problem with tech people who want to solve problems

Mary Meeker’s most important trends on the internet

Silicon Valley needs new investors if it wants to close the gender gap, Girls Who Code CEO Reshma Saujani says

Because of AI, the value of a computer science degree will “diminish over time,” says investor Mark Cuban

Twitter co-founder Ev Williams says social media will get better ... eventually

Tech billionaires who donate millions are just “bribing society at large,” Anand Giridharadas says

Yes, Quora still exists, and it’s now worth $2 billion

Kickstarter co-founder Perry Chen’s advice to startup founders and investors: Don’t lie to each other

Silicon Valley is awash in Chinese and Saudi cash — and no one is paying attention (except Trump)

The once-hot robotics startup Anki is shutting down after raising more than $200 million

Tech is “flunking” the diversity test, says activist and venture capitalist Freada Kapor Klein

A giant new investment will make StockX the first billion-dollar sneaker reseller

Here’s why some Silicon Valley families should remain nervous about the college admissions scandal

Billionaires can’t escape public scrutiny, so now they’re trying to shape it

The challenge for Silicon Valley’s women’s movement is to keep momentum after the #MeToo scandals fade away

It turns out Silicon Valley cannot disrupt the National Football League

The world of Silicon Valley moneymaking is finally open to everyone

Why a venture capitalist not charged in the college admission scandal was ousted anyway

The Silicon Valley investor charged in the college bribery scandal has a unique response to the indictment

Full Q&A: Backstage Capital founder Arlan Hamilton and Deeds Not Words founder Wendy Davis on Recode Decode

One of Silicon Valley’s most prominent voices for ethical investing is out amid the college admissions bribery scandal

One of Wall Street’s top investors in Silicon Valley is leaving

Mark Cuban says you — yes, you — need to understand how AI works

Sam Altman is arguing it’s not all about making money. Can that be a model for Silicon Valley?

After an “identity crisis,” Social Capital CEO Chamath Palihapitiya says he’s taught himself how to be happy again

Y Combinator accidentally let 15,000 people into an exclusive program — and now has decided to do it on purpose

The “PayPal Mafia” is teaming up once again at Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund

Mithril Capital promised to be the “capstone” to Peter Thiel’s investment empire. It ended up as a major distraction.

Why venture capital doesn’t work for everyone

Full Q&A: Zucked author Roger McNamee on Recode Decode

Full Q&A: Alex Blumberg and Matt Lieber explain why they sold Gimlet to Spotify

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