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Our favorite Recode stories from 2018

The 2019 IPO class headlined by Uber will create a ton of new wealth. Will the billions go to mansions or missions?

Benchmark’s Scott Belsky has four magic words for entrepreneurs: ‘Do your fucking job’

Why Sweetgreen thinks like a tech company

Lyft has eaten into Uber’s U.S. market share, new data suggests

Why Lyft had to beat Uber to an IPO filing

New York City has set the nation’s first minimum pay rate for Uber and Lyft drivers

Full Q&A: ‘Rule Makers, Rule Breakers’ author Michele Gelfand on Recode Decode

Uber, Pinterest and the rest of the 2019 IPO class emerged from the ashes of the Great Recession

The San Francisco air quality is so bad that Uber drivers are selling masks out of their cars

Bradley Tusk, a political ‘fixer’ for tech companies, has a plan to make voting from your phone a reality

Why Airbnb will be worth more than Uber

One way to track the rise of tech — check the expense reports

Silicon Valley’s Saudi money crisis illustrates a decline of ‘moral leadership’ in America

Uber’s Dara Khosrowshahi thinks he has controlled his famously fractious board of directors

Half of U.S. Uber drivers make less than $10 an hour after vehicle expenses, according to a new study

Uber has hired a former Expedia exec to head HR

Uber drivers and other gig economy workers are earning half what they did five years ago

Uber’s sleek new product? Your safety.

Silicon Valley has been treating workers ‘miserably’ since the 1970s

Full Q&A: ‘Temp’ author Louis Hyman on Recode Decode

Uber has finally hired a CFO — who has his work cut out for him

Uber is investing its growth into its next chapter — including scooters and bikes

Uber lost in NYC. But here’s the real problem.

Why Uber will win the scooter wars

How India fits into the global economy: It may not be China, but at least it isn’t Russia

Uber and Lyft are fighting a critical battle against New York City — and this time, they might not win

Grab wants to go way beyond ride-hailing in Asia, co-founder Hooi Ling Tan says

Here are five hidden trends in corporate America’s travel and expenses as online services take over

Months after a self-driving crash, Uber is being slower and more deliberate as it gets back on public roads to test its technology

The U.S. government doesn’t know how big the gig economy is

The Scooter Wars will be a bloodbath — and Uber will win

Uber 2.0 won a big battle in London. Now it has to prove that it’s committed to doing the right thing.

Scooter companies tried to barge into San Francisco and got kicked out. Now they’re making big promises to get legal.

Americans seem to like ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft. But it’s hard to say exactly how many use them.

Full transcript: The Verge’s Casey Newton and Recode’s Peter Kafka on Too Embarrassed to Ask

Bozoma Saint John is leaving Uber for Endeavor

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Where SoftBank has invested its $100 billion Vision Fund

Here’s how Uber compares against Didi around the world