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Tucker Carlson’s TV-to-Twitter move could actually pay off

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On Succession, Tom and Shiv throw a tailgate party from hell

The real history of Queen Charlotte, and the problem with Netflix’s Bridgerton spinoff

The ego-driven clash bringing Yellowstone to an end

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AI should scare Hollywood writers — and everyone else

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On Succession, Sisyphus rolls the rock uphill

How Keri Russell sells The Diplomat’s disaster heroine

No, seriously, why did Fox News fire Tucker Carlson?

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On Succession, the GoJo deal goes to Norway, with sinister Midsommar vibes

Beef’s and David Choe’s sexual assault controversy, explained

Star Wars has a Baby Yoda problem

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On Succession, someone finally wins a kiss from daddy

Beef is the best show Netflix has had in recent memory

The climate apocalypse is also a religious crisis

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Succession: Well, that happened

On Yellowjackets, teen girl friendship hurts like cannibalism

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On Succession, all the world’s a stage, and the Roys are flubbing their lines

What fake pop stars say about our real world

Swarm isn’t a love letter to Black women. It’s hate mail.

The fantasy of Ted Lasso and the reality of Jason Sudeikis

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What Logan Roy’s sad birthday party tells you about the new season of Succession

Love Is Blind’s fourth season is its villain era

The case for Rick and Morty

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Season 4 of Succession is going to be a bloodbath

The Vanderpump Rules cheating scandal, for people who have never watched the show

Party Down’s new season says hustle culture is a scam

Netflix’s Perfect Match is a panopticon of sex and humiliation

What rewatching old shows teaches us about ourselves

Prestige TV can’t beat the experience of playing Last of Us

Can more Harry Potter ever be okay?

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The Last of Us: What you need to know about the show and game

What to watch this winter when there’s nothing to watch

Peacock’s The Traitors should be your new reality TV obsession

A Night Court reboot review from Night Court’s biggest fan

The old man-ification of TV is here

Hulu’s Kindred solves the Handmaid’s Tale problem

Why we’re relitigating the Casey Anthony case now — and why we shouldn’t

Is the right winning the comedy wars?

Star Wars’ evil Empire can feel a little corny — but then came Andor

The White Lotus’s explosive season finale, explained

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