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Vox's coverage of television shows, from runaway hits to streaming content to obscure titles.

Podcast pioneer Bill Simmons on how to stay relevant

One Good Thing: A French reality show with high-end homes and low-stakes drama

With Ricky Gervais’s new special, Netflix yet again suffers transphobic fools

Masculinity, explained by WWE

The rise of the sadboi big man

The best $15 I ever spent: An audiobook subscription

Hacks and the subversive fantasy of letting your job consume you

The Offer is a TV show about how great movies are

One Good Thing: The cartoon dog who taught me how to be a dad

Selling Sunset is fantastical, absurdist office drama

Russian Doll and accepting the things you can’t change

Atlanta’s third season explores the horrors of intimacy with whiteness

Why Netflix is suddenly losing subscribers

Severance’s workplace brutality isn’t sci-fi. Neither is its worker power.

The endless debate about spoilers keeps us consuming boring art 

Jerrod Carmichael’s new comedy special is everything Louis C.K.’s Sincerely is not

One Good Thing: The hit feminist concubine drama that annoyed the Chinese Communist Party

Kevin G. from Mean Girls is my favorite lifestyle influencer

Season 2 of Bridgerton is better for everyone — except fans of the book

Why Amazon is paying nearly $9 billion for MGM and James Bond

What’s the point of all these scammer stories?

Volodymyr Zelenskyy brings a performer’s skill to wartime politics

Love Is Blind gave up on a happily ever after

Inventing Anna’s lazy girlboss revenge fantasy

The chaotic, irreplaceable Wendy Williams

Sam and Diane were TV’s first big romance — and maybe still its best

One Good Thing: Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask taught me about love

Can Whoopi Goldberg’s public history lesson actually do some good?

One Good Thing: A park for the filthy rich and the rest of us, too

How fandom sent Boba Fett from minor character to leading man

Bravo fired one Housewife over racism. What about the others?

Cheer shows how fame changes everything

One Good Thing: Nothing in Criminal Minds makes sense and it’s perfect

One Good Thing: ABC’s Abbott Elementary breathes new life into the mockumentary

TV’s buzziest shows aren’t trying to trick viewers anymore

The intimacy of the TV star death

In Station Eleven, the end of the world is a vibrant, lush green

Colors: Where did they go? An investigation.

Yellowjackets is prestige Pretty Little Liars. Hear me out.

The Golden Globes are this weekend, but they won’t be on TV

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