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Jul 6, 2022, 2:30pm EDT
  • September 6

    A visual guide to the 19 defendants in the Trump Georgia case

    The mugshots and the charges they face, briefly explained.

  • August 29

    How Mark Meadows is trying to upend the Georgia elections case

    The first big hearing in the case over Trump’s interference in the Georgia 2020 election could shape how the trial will unfold.

  • August 28

    Trump’s 4 indictments, ranked by the stakes

    A quick guide to Trump’s 4 indictments and why they matter.

  • August 24

    Why Trump’s surrender is such a big deal

    Everything you need to know about Trump’s arrest, mugshot, and coming arraignment.

  • August 23

    How quickly will Donald Trump go to trial in Georgia?

    Fani Willis wants a trial in six months. That could be an ambitious timeline.

  • August 15

    The five conspiracies at the heart of the Georgia Trump indictment

    What Trump, Giuliani, Meadows, Powell, and others were actually charged with.

  • August 15

    Will anyone trust these hyper-politicized courts to try Donald Trump?

    The federal judiciary is a cesspool of partisanship, and now it’s being asked to oversee some of the most politically fraught criminal trials in American history.

  • August 14

    How Atlanta prosecutor Fani Willis took on Donald Trump

    The former president was charged with 13 counts in Georgia.

  • August 14

    Trump’s Georgia indictment, briefly explained

    It’s the fourth time that Trump has been indicted.

  • June 4

    The Georgia Trump election investigation keeps getting bigger

    Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis could pursue charges using the state’s RICO law.

  • August 22, 2022

    Georgia’s big Trump election investigation, explained

    A grand jury investigation in Georgia intensified this summer, and could be a greater legal threat to Trump than the Justice Department.

  • July 6, 2022

    An expert explains what is happening in the Georgia Trump investigation

    Georgia’s January 6 grand jury subpoenaed key Trump allies. That’s a big deal.

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