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Investigations into Donald Trump

Vox’s coverage of the many ongoing investigations into former President Donald Trump.

Trump says he’s been indicted again: The Mar-a-Lago classified documents case, explained

Trump’s next indictment is looming — and the evidence against him is trickling out

This stream has:

Donald Trump investigations: Latest news and updates

The Georgia Trump election investigation keeps getting bigger

Trump has been found liable for sexual abuse. Will it change anything?

The courts are sending a message: January 6 insurrectionists will answer for their crimes

The standoff between Jim Jordan and Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, explained


The Trump investigations you should actually care about

Trump is no longer the social media king

The last 48 hours revealed the GOP’s intractable 2024 dilemma

Yes, Alvin Bragg’s indictment of Trump is political

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Trump just appeared in court to face criminal charges. What’s next?

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Will Trump’s indictment help or hurt his 2024 campaign?

Donald Trump has been indicted. The hush money case against him, explained.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s lonely, kind of zany protest for Trump

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Read: The criminal charges against Donald Trump

Trump has pleaded not guilty to 34 felony counts

Your biggest questions about Trump’s indictment, answered

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Trump can run for president from prison. Just ask Eugene Debs.

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How Trump’s using a possible arrest to rile his base

What you need to know about the 4 major criminal probes into Donald Trump

The stunning hypocrisy of Bill Barr’s probe into the Russia-Trump investigation

Will Trump’s tax returns change anything?

Read the January 6 committee’s damning report on Trump’s election subversion efforts

Trump’s tax returns are about to become public. What happens now?

What Congress can do with Trump’s tax returns

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Why special counsel Jack Smith might be different from Robert Mueller

Lindsey Graham’s surprisingly complex Supreme Court case about Trump’s Big Lie, explained

The Supreme Court just shut down Trump’s last-ditch effort to sabotage the Mar-a-Lago investigation

Are the walls really closing in on Trump this time?

Trump’s defeat in the Mar-a-Lago “special master” case, explained

New York attorney general sues Trump, accuses him of “astounding” fraud and deception

3 takeaways from that Trump judge’s latest order in the Mar-a-Lago case

DOJ warns judge that delaying the FBI’s Trump investigation is a national security risk

Why Trump’s FBI investigation could now be delayed for months or even years

The DOJ’s latest filing has even more damning claims against Trump

Reading between the lines of the Mar-a-Lago affidavit

Why the redacted affidavit for the search of Trump’s home is so concerning

Georgia’s big Trump election investigation, explained

The Espionage Act and Trump’s documents, explained