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Trump Impeachment

The latest news, explainers, and analysis on the ongoing impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz now: Quid pro quo “doesn’t matter.” Ted Cruz before: Quid pro quo talk is “hearsay.”

Here are a few questions senators should ask in the impeachment trial

Senators start asking questions in the impeachment trial Wednesday. Here’s how it will work.

Trump’s defense in the impeachment trial has ended. Here are 6 key moments. 

Trump lawyer’s response to the Bolton bombshell is that it doesn’t matter

This video clip shows how Trump defenders have dramatically moved the misconduct goalposts

Trump’s defense claims he didn’t break the law. A congressional watchdog says he did.

Ken Starr lamenting impeachments happening “all too frequently” is the death of irony

Fox News wasted no time spinning the John Bolton revelations in the most Trump-friendly way

John Bolton’s impeachment bombshell, explained

What to expect from the impeachment trial’s second week

Trump says Schiff has “not yet paid the price” for his impeachment role

Trump’s defense counsel attempt to cast doubt on facts of impeachment case

Senate Republicans’ disingenuous outrage over Schiff’s “head on a pike” comment, briefly explained

Schiff closed his arguments with an emotional appeal, but GOP senators seem unmoved

9 highlights from the impeachment trial this week

A secret recording of a Trump dinner confirms one of Lev Parnas’s allegations

GOP senator shrugs off new evidence of Trump misconduct, contradicting his stance from hours earlier

Trump’s impeachment trial countermessaging has been tasteless and incorrect tweets

Mitch McConnell’s impeachment trial strategy, explained

Schiff ends day in the impeachment trial by telling the Senate, “If right doesn’t matter, we’re lost”

House Democrats are using Lindsey Graham’s own words to rebut the president’s defense

Republicans complain about the impeachment trial’s lack of new evidence while blocking new evidence

Democrats’ opening arguments demonstrate the overwhelming case for impeachment

Fox News devised a way to cover the impeachment trial without covering it at all

Senators aren’t even allowed to talk during the impeachment trial

John Roberts called for decorum as the impeachment trial devolved into a fight over who lies more

Trump’s Davos news conference featured a pack of lies about the impeachment trial

The glaring problem in Trump’s legal argument against impeachment

Senate Republicans have officially passed rules for the impeachment trial. Here’s what comes next. 

Trump’s lawyers began the impeachment trial with a blizzard of lies

The fight over the impeachment rules, briefly explained

What to expect at Trump’s Senate impeachment trial

The latest impeachment polling reflects America’s deep polarization

The nihilism of Mitch McConnell

Top 2020 candidates are stuck in Washington because of the impeachment trial 

5 Republican senators to watch as the impeachment trial gets underway

Is the president’s abuse of power an impeachable offense?

House impeachment managers: Trump poses an “immediate threat to the nation and the rule of law”

Lev Parnas’s dramatic new claims about Trump and Ukraine, explained