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Trump Impeachment

The latest news, explainers, and analysis on the ongoing impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Trump released a tweet-like statement denouncing violence. He still needs to do more.

One of Donald Trump’s biggest Silicon Valley backers is renouncing his support

The perilous state of American democracy, in one photo

Rep. Liz Cheney has backed impeaching Trump — and even Mitch McConnell may be open to it

Top Democratic lawmaker says an impeachment vote will come this week

Americans are divided on whether to remove Trump, according to the polls

Trump says he’ll support the transition to a “new administration”

Trump has fired the intelligence watchdog who first flagged Ukraine whistleblower complaint

Trump just fired Gordon Sondland as EU ambassador

The Senate’s decision to acquit Trump is even less democratic than you think

Trump was never going to be forced out

Trump’s impeachment acquittal shows how democracy could really die

Mitt Romney is the only Republican who voted for Trump’s conviction 

3 winners and 3 losers from the impeachment and acquittal of Donald Trump

It’s official: The Senate just acquitted President Trump of both articles of impeachment

Mitt Romney just did something that literally no senator has ever done before

Why Trump’s acquittal will damage US foreign policy

How to watch the Senate vote on Trump’s impeachment this afternoon

Neither Susan Collins nor Lisa Murkowski will be voting to convict Trump

“He is not who you are”: Adam Schiff makes last-ditch plea to Senate Republicans

Joni Ernst walked back her call for Joe Biden to be impeached if elected

Trump’s closing impeachment argument involved misrepresenting a tweet from the whistleblower’s lawyer

What to expect from the final week of the impeachment trial

Donald Trump will be acquitted. American politics will be convicted.

Sen. Alexander argues it’s important to weigh Trump’s wrongdoing against his accomplishments

Poll: Americans remain divided on Trump’s removal as the GOP prepares to acquit

Senate Republicans were never going to vote for witnesses

The Senate just rejected witnesses in Trump’s impeachment trial — clearing the way for acquittal

2 key GOP swing votes will vote against witnesses in the impeachment trial

9 questions about Trump’s impeachment trial you were too embarrassed to ask

Why Chief Justice Roberts refused to read a question from Rand Paul at Trump’s trial

Democrats used their impeachment questions to call out Trump’s lies and sexual misconduct

Republicans’ threat to call Hunter Biden as an impeachment witness, explained

A senator on the fence about acquitting Trump asked a damning question

Donald Trump is Richard Nixon’s revenge

Why John Roberts won’t save the impeachment trial from partisanship

“Erase all doubt”: Democrats explain why John Bolton’s testimony is so necessary 

Alan Dershowitz’s latest defense of Trump would let presidents get away with almost anything

Top Democrat: Bolton urged me to look into Trump’s ouster of Yovanovitch

Trump’s weak arguments against impeachment trial witnesses, explained