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Trump Impeachment

The latest news, explainers, and analysis on the ongoing impeachment of President Donald Trump.

What’s next in the Senate now that the House has impeached Trump

The most important argument for impeachment

What the Senate loses with Mitt Romney’s retirement

The indictment adds to a long list of times Republicans have backed Trump

A new lawsuit targets Trump and the Proud Boys under a law enacted to stop the KKK

“We got what we wanted”: Democrats defend the decision not to call impeachment witnesses

Lindsey Graham’s latest Fox News Sunday appearance highlights the GOP’s identity crisis

“A great day for 30 percent of America”: SNL takes on Trump’s acquittal in its cold open

The overwhelming strength of the case against Trump, in one number

Mitch McConnell’s speech shows he’s willing to condemn Trump — but not when it matters

Rep. Jamie Raskin’s closing arguments got at the heart of the impeachment case

1 winner and 5 losers from Trump’s second impeachment trial

7 Senate Republicans vote to convict Trump — the most bipartisan impeachment trial verdict ever

The Senate has acquitted Trump of inciting an insurrection

How statements by Republican lawmakers have made things harder for Trump’s legal team

Democrats back down from calling witnesses at Trump’s impeachment trial

Mitch McConnell plans to vote to acquit Trump in the impeachment trial 

The real reason Trump’s impeachment defense was so bad

Trump’s false claim that impeachment violates the First Amendment, explained

Why Biden isn’t talking about impeachment

“That awful day could have been so much worse”: New videos show how narrowly rioters missed lawmakers

Poll: 69 percent of Republicans are less likely to vote for a senator who convicts Trump

The 6 Senate Republicans to watch on impeachment

Even right-wing pundits had no clue what Bruce Castor was doing during his impeachment trial speech

A majority of senators say Trump’s impeachment trial is constitutional

Rep. Raskin makes an emotional impeachment case at Trump’s trial

Watch: Democrats open the impeachment trial with a disturbing video capturing the chaos of January 6

What to expect from Trump’s second Senate impeachment trial

Trump won’t be convicted. Impeachment is still worth it.

How Congress can permanently disqualify Trump from office after impeachment

Is it constitutional to hold an impeachment trial for a former president?

House Democrats invite Trump to testify in his second impeachment trial

Trump’s legal team is disintegrating ahead of his Senate trial

Senate Republicans are doing what they do best: Supporting Trump 

What’s next for Trump’s Senate impeachment trial

Trump reportedly considered putting an ally willing to dispute election results in charge of the DOJ

Rudy Giuliani may defend Trump in an impeachment trial. That could doom him.

The F Word

The second impeachment of Donald Trump, explained

What comes next for Trump’s impeachment in the Senate

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