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Trump Administration

Vox's coverage of what's happening in the Donald Trump administration, from big new policy initiatives to the meaning of the latest tweet.

Russia reportedly offered the Taliban bounties for American soldiers. Trump denies knowing about it.

A new Trump proclamation will block foreign workers

Trump fires the US attorney investigating his allies

The Supreme Court kept DACA alive — for now. DREAMers still face a long road ahead.

The Supreme Court just ruled to preserve protections for hundreds of thousands of young immigrants for now

The most powerful person in the White House not named Donald Trump

The Trump administration will now allow doctors to discriminate against LGBTQ people

Trump is quietly gutting the asylum system amid the pandemic

Meet the Romney-Gary Johnson-Bloomberg voter who’s embracing Black Lives Matter

Why Democrats shouldn’t assume that a bad economy will sink Trump

Facebook and Twitter took down a Trump campaign video over copyright concerns

America’s contradictions are breaking wide open

“They have no allegiance to liberal democracy”: An expert on antifa explains the group

Big Tech thought the pandemic wouldn’t be political. Think again.

Trump reportedly wants to restrict visa programs for skilled workers

A US immigration agency could run out of money by the end of summer without a $1.2 billion bailout

The “deep state” is real. But it’s not what Trump thinks it is.

Trump is continuing deportations during the pandemic. It’s causing the coronavirus to spread.

11 legal experts agree: There’s no good reason for DOJ to drop the Michael Flynn case

The Justice Department has dropped Michael Flynn’s case

The White House has blocked Anthony Fauci from testifying in front of a House committee

The coronavirus revealed what was already broken in America

Meat processing plants have become incubators for coronavirus. Trump reportedly wants to keep them open anyway.

Mike Pence visited the Mayo Clinic without a mask, violating his own government’s guidance

Trump’s daily intelligence brief reportedly warned of the coronavirus as far back as January

Deborah Birx says “social distancing will be with us through the summer”

Trump’s executive order to stop issuing green cards temporarily, explained

There is no anti-lockdown protest movement

The Trump administration wants to use the coronavirus pandemic to push for more deregulation

America doesn’t want another Tea Party

Why the national stockpile wasn’t prepared for this pandemic

Immigrant detainees are fighting to be released in the pandemic

The legal scholar who shaped Trump’s coronavirus response defends his theory

Trump’s reckless promotion of hydroxychloroquine to fight coronavirus, explained

WHO says a third of the newest coronavirus cases worldwide are in the US

6 reasons to be skeptical of Trump’s calls to reopen the economy 

The Google and Verily coronavirus websites are off to a rocky start

Trump’s policies are putting vulnerable immigrants at risk as coronavirus spreads

The Defense Production Act, the law Trump is using to boost coronavirus supplies, briefly explained

6 updates on Trump’s coronavirus response