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Trump Administration

Vox's coverage of what's happening in the Donald Trump administration, from big new policy initiatives to the meaning of the latest tweet.

Trump reshaped the US immigration system — but it’s been ignored at the debates

The Trump administration knew exactly what it was doing with family separations

Stephen Miller, explained

“Give me a fucking break”: What Melania Trump said about the blowback against family separations

The Trump administration already made huge refugee cuts. It’s making more.

Amy Coney Barrett has a years-long record of ruling against immigrants

The Trump administration is challenging a court ruling that prevents it from ending the census early

Trump is proposing to limit student visas to two years for citizens of 59 countries

Critical race theory, and Trump’s war on it, explained

Trump wants the Supreme Court to let him weaponize the census against immigrants

Trump’s shortlist of potential Supreme Court nominees, explained

The outcry over ICE and hysterectomies, explained

The bogus Steve Bannon-backed study claiming China created the coronavirus, explained

Trump moves to shut down WeChat in the US. But TikTok will live until after the election.

The stunning hypocrisy of Bill Barr

What the heck is going on with TikTok and Oracle, explained

A federal court ruling could allow Trump to deport 400,000 immigrants next year

American voters support the post office. Their views on mail-in voting are more complicated.

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Can anything change Americans’ minds about Donald Trump?

Trump’s intelligence chief suspends in-person election security briefings

House Democrats launched contempt of Congress proceedings against Mike Pompeo

Why Trump’s Mar-a-Lago is a magnet for grifters

Why Republicans didn’t write a platform for their convention this year

Why this former Republican says the party must be burned to the ground

DHS is holding migrant children in secret hotel locations and rapidly expelling them

QAnon, the scarily popular pro-Trump conspiracy theory, explained

The post office arrested Steve Bannon. Yes, the post office can arrest people.

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What the heck is happening with the Postal Service?

As November nears, the Postal Service is facing a crisis that could interfere with the election.

Do you really need to worry about your security on TikTok? Here’s what we know.

Trump’s latest plan to use the census for political gain, explained

Masha Gessen on American politics after the death of “truth”

“It’s ideologue meets grifter”: How Bill Barr made Trumpism possible

The choice for immigrant families in detention: Separate or risk Covid-19

The Trump administration is refusing to fully reinstate DACA

House Democrats passed a bill to repeal Trump’s travel bans

Trump once flirted with white nationalism. Now it’s a centerpiece of his White House.

The Trump administration’s proposed homeless shelter rule spells out how to spot a trans woman

What a post-Trump Republican Party might look like

The White House’s campaign against Anthony Fauci is a symptom of a bigger problem

The White House claimed Trump is pro-LGBTQ. His policies show he isn’t.