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Trump Administration

Vox's coverage of what's happening in the Donald Trump administration, from big new policy initiatives to the meaning of the latest tweet.

Republicans plead with Trump to denounce violent mob that breached the Capitol

Biden pledges new Covid-19 relief package and to invoke Defense Production Act

The Covid-19 relief bill has saved up to 40 million people from eviction — for now

The House just voted to override Trump’s veto of a $740 billion defense bill

US citizen spouses and children of undocumented immigrants will finally get stimulus checks

What Biden could do about family separations

Trump has finalized a controversial agreement to deport asylum seekers to El Salvador

The Trump administration expelled unaccompanied migrant children in violation of a court order

The high rate of executions during Trump’s last weeks in office, explained

Trump’s last stand on immigration

The battle over Trump’s huge UAE arms deal, explained

A historian on the perils of chaotic White House transitions

The FDA authorized the use of an experimental antibody treatment for Covid-19

A federal court just blocked the Trump administration from expelling unaccompanied migrant children

3 scholars say Trump isn’t staging a coup — but he still poses a threat to democracy

Trump’s own officials say 2020 was America’s most secure election in history

TikTok’s US ban has been delayed another two weeks — or maybe forever

Biden: Trump’s refusal to concede is an “embarrassment”

Mike Pompeo undermined America’s democracy in one press conference

What Trump can do during his lame-duck session

Biden plans on swiftly rolling back some Trump policies with executive orders

The White House is dealing with another Covid-19 outbreak

Attention has faded on the more than 20 sexual misconduct allegations against Trump 

Trump’s closing message on Covid-19: My only mistake was mishandling public relations

Immigration is no longer a winning issue for Trump

How the US could make amends for family separations

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System Failure

How the Trump administration’s deregulatory agenda is affecting the health and safety of Americans.

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The unmasking of Anonymous, explained

How an Israeli thinker became one of Trumpism’s foremost theorists

Trump showed no regret over family separations during the presidential debate

Lawyers can’t find the parents of 545 migrant children after separation by Trump

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What a second Trump term could mean for LGBTQ people

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A Trump second term

How President Trump could change America with four more years in office.

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The case for Trump’s foreign policy

Trump reshaped the US immigration system — but it’s been ignored at the debates

The Trump administration knew exactly what it was doing with family separations

Stephen Miller, explained

“Give me a fucking break”: What Melania Trump said about the blowback against family separations

The Trump administration already made huge refugee cuts. It’s making more.

Amy Coney Barrett has a years-long record of ruling against immigrants