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True Detective

True Detective: episode recaps, reviews, analysis, and roundtable discussions.

True Detective season 3 shakes off the misfire of season 2 in a return to form

True Detective season 3 trailer: Mahershala Ali is on the case

True Detective season 3 premieres January 13. Here’s everything we know so far.

True Detective is officially coming back for season 3, with Mahershala Ali as an Ozark cop

What the new Star Trek TV series can learn from Fargo and True Detective

True Detective season 2 wasn’t all bad. Here are 7 redeeming moments.

7 reasons why True Detective season 2 was an utter disaster

True Detective answers your many, many questions in a jam-packed episode

True Detective’s orgy scene is one of the smartest things it’s done so far

6 simple reasons this was True Detective's best episode since the middle of season one

True Detective's big shootout doesn't make up for season 2 being pretty bad so far

True Detective season 2, episode 4: dad problems, sex problems, and a great shootout

True Detective’s biggest problem right now is that it’s unwilling to have any fun

True Detective season 2 is all penis problems, all the time

True Detective season 2, episode 3: A huge letdown leads an otherwise solid installment

The True Detective theory that could change everything

True Detective’s big cliffhanger is majorly flawed, no matter what happens

True Detective season 2 continues the tradition of Chinatown and Roger Rabbit. Here's why.

True Detective season 2 responds to the biggest criticisms of season 1

True Detective season 2 isn't a lost cause. Yet.

I didn't watch True Detective's first season and I still didn't like the season 2 premiere

True Detective's season 2 premiere was a new pilot. That's why it was so bad.

The 31 most ridiculous moments of the True Detective premiere

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True Detective season 2: news and episode reviews

True Detective season 2 leads HBO’s most disappointing lineup ever

The True Detective season 2 trailer is here — and it looks just as gritty as ever

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True Detective, Fargo, and the problem with TV endings

Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn will star in True Detective season 2

Who will win, might win, and should win Emmys

Is True Detective a work of plagiarism?