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True crime

Vox's coverage of true crime news.

Scott Peterson’s guilt, explained

Gypsy-Rose Blanchard, whose bizarre tale of abuse ended in her mother’s murder, is the latest free woman at the eye of a media hurricane

Mary Kay Letourneau, the grim inspiration for May December, explained

The murder of Natalee Holloway finally has a resolution. Sort of.

The Long Island serial killer case may finally be solved — but many questions remain

Carlee Russell: A missing Black woman and a social media frenzy, explained

Lori Vallow’s unthinkable series of murders leads to life without parole

The horrifying revelations of the Idaho student murders

Serial’s Adnan Syed was finally free. Zoom got his conviction reinstated.

The Murdaugh murders saga continues as Stephen Smith’s death is ruled a homicide

The Delphi murders were a local tragedy. Then they became “true crime.”

Alex Murdaugh sentenced to two life terms for murdering his wife and son

Why we’re relitigating the Casey Anthony case now — and why we shouldn’t

The surreal true crimes behind Hulu’s Welcome to Chippendales

Adnan Syed is free — and it only took years of criminal justice reform

What do true crime series like Dahmer owe the victims?

How to prevent another death like Gabby Petito’s

Gabby Petito’s disappearance, and why it was absolutely everywhere, explained

The 11 best true crime series on Netflix

HBO’s true crime drama The Investigation is slow and frustrating on purpose

Bombs, grift, true crime: Netflix’s Murder Among the Mormons almost had it all

Why the best true crime podcasts have to be political

One Good Thing: Netflix’s The Ripper smartly reframes the notorious Yorkshire Ripper case

Netflix’s misguided Night Stalker series treats its cops like gods

9 wild cult stories to get lost in

One Good Thing: This true crime podcast about a murderous doctor is even scarier during a pandemic

Netflix’s American Murder is mesmerizing even if you’re already familiar with the Watts murders

Podcasts like The Thing About Pam are why I’ll never get tired of true crime

Tiger King is a mesmerizing train wreck. Here are more stories just like it.

Netflix’s flawed Aaron Hernandez documentary raises more questions than it answers

Curtis Flowers was tried 6 times for the same crime. The Supreme Court just reversed his conviction.

Predators like Ted Bundy control their narratives. True crime podcasts are changing that.

HBO’s The Case Against Adnan Syed comes armed with an agenda and little else

Netflix’s Conversations With a Killer willfully participates in Ted Bundy’s 3-ring circus

Serial season 3 drops this week. It’s poised to be even better than season 1.

Golden State Killer: 5 can’t-miss deep dives into the famous serial killer cold case

The Golden State Killer was the coldest of cases. Police have finally made an arrest.

11 addictive podcasts to indulge in over Memorial Day weekend

HBO’s Mommy Dead and Dearest is a perfect storm of true crime, pageantry, and Southern gothic tropes

S-Town is a stunning podcast. It probably shouldn't have been made.

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