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From tourism to airlines to logistics and more, here's Vox's coverage of all things travel.

What a summer of hellish flights taught us about flying now


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How airplane legroom got so tight

The extra step you’ll need to take before flying to Europe next year

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The weirdly common, very expensive travel scam you should avoid

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What is ecotourism? A guide on how to travel sustainably.


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Why Americans love big cars 

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Traveling with a baby? Here’s what you need.

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Stop trying to have the perfect vacation. You’re ruining everyone else’s.


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What I learned from taking a train across the US

Why this summer is already shaping up to be a drag for travelers

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How to travel now

The Vox guide to navigating the world, the country, and your own backyard.

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How to visit Disney World without losing your mind


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How RVs get their swoops

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Solo travel safety advice, according to experts

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Tips for being a responsible, respectful traveler

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What flight attendants wish all travelers knew

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You’re going on vacation. What should you do with your pet?

The ultimate score for rich people? “Golden” passports.

Why strikes might disrupt your summer Eurotrip

Florida is too dangerous to visit, civil rights groups warn

Why this toxic algae is quietly ruining all your beach days

Your phone is ruining your vacation

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One secret to cheap travel? Pet sitting.

How airlines squeeze you for every penny

Airlines are trying to resurrect the Concorde era

Why must we pay to have a slightly less miserable time at the airport?

Flight delayed? Blame a spaceship.

A vacation town promises rest and relaxation. The water knows the truth.

On the Georgia coast, leisure and a grim history of slavery co-exist.

How Martha’s Vineyard became a Black summertime sanctuary

The story of amusement parks is the story of America

With all of its sparkle and chipped paint.

The era of peak travel is over

Real IDs, explained

The psychology behind over- (and under-) packing

Everyone wants to Instagram the world’s most beautiful canyon. Should they?

A sudden burst of tourism to a photogenic natural wonder is transforming a small town, and a tribe.

Why some millennials think travel is more important than sex

Why we hate hearing about other people’s vacations

Lust meets wanderlust: why everyone uses travel photos on their dating profiles

How travel agencies avoided extinction and became a luxury service

The joy of going on vacation alone