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From self-driving cars to subways: how transportation — and the related policies — impacts our lives around the world.

The fastest way to get more people to buy electric vehicles

The new Ford F-150 is not the electric vehicle we’ve been waiting for

The battle for the future of “gig” work

Ride-sharing companies are pushing to make a third category of "independent" worker the law of the land. Drivers say the notion of independence is little more than a mirage.

Gen Z’s high-speed rail meme dream, explained


How highways make traffic worse

Public transit in the US is already underfunded. The pandemic has made it worse.

Big electric trucks and buses are coming. Here’s how to speed up the transition.

The FAA says Boeing can fly 737 Max jets again

California has rejected a major gig economy reform, leaving workers without employee protections

How the air travel industry is scrambling to convince people to fly

Why we’re still years away from having self-driving cars

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Trump’s favorite weapon in the coronavirus fight: Deregulation

Trump entered the White House promising to roll back rules. The pandemic has given him the perfect chance to do that.

Some cities are shutting down transit after curfew. It’s a problem for essential workers and protesters.

Oh great, now we’re running out of bikes

Uber’s sexual assault report won’t hurt it as badly as other incidents

Austin’s failed attempt to regulate Uber and Lyft foreshadowed today’s controversies

Scooters may be a better business than Uber or Lyft, says Lime president Joe Kraus

Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian: the Code Conference interview (transcript)

Some Uber and Lyft drivers say they were misled into petitioning against their own worker rights

Driverless cars are coming. We’ll miss the thrill of the ride.

Delta Air Lines’ CEO has battled both the NRA and Bernie Sanders

Uber Eats is facing a price war — just like Uber

The Uber strike shows how drivers remain one of the company’s biggest liabilities


How London is fighting its nightmare traffic

Google’s Wing has landed the FAA’s first approval for drone delivery

Why do airplanes look like nightclubs now?

Ford CTO Ken Washington explains why self-driving cars are such a hard tech problem

Uber battles its own history in a historic IPO filing

Boeing’s effort to get the 737 Max approved to fly again, explained

Teslas are selling well, if you consider them luxury cars

The emerging 737 Max scandal, explained

Investing in Uber’s IPO means investing in Uber’s rivals

What we learned about the FAA and Boeing’s cozy relationship from a damning new report

Why Tesla desperately needs the new Model Y, in 3 charts

Elon Musk is in Twitter trouble yet again

Southwest Airlines has had to ground an unusually high number of flights

Audi’s Super Bowl ad was the weirdest of the night

Two early executives at Lime have quietly left the scooter company

A new report shows that most keyless cars are easier to steal than previously thought

Will Tesla change the world or go out of business? Yes.