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From self-driving cars to subways: how transportation — and the related policies — impacts our lives around the world.

A fatal crash shows us everything that’s wrong with traffic enforcement

San Francisco’s robotaxi experiment is getting out of hand

Why pedestrian deaths in the US are at a 40-year high

New York’s long and winding road to congestion pricing

The impossible paradox of car ownership

What you should know about buying a used EV

NASA’s newest X-plane wants to save the planet

How cars fuel racial inequality

The deadly train collision in India, explained

The hidden force that shapes everything around us: Parking

Why train derailments involving hazardous chemicals keep happening

Would better regulations and equipment mandates have prevented the Ohio rail disaster?

How to go car-free — or car-light — in Middle America

The FAA is struggling. Who can save it?

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Your flight was canceled. Now what?

The Senate votes to avert a rail strike — and rejects paid sick leave

The secret to electric vehicle dominance is buying in bulk

Elizabeth Warren wants to keep Big Tech from taking over your car

Biden has ambitious infrastructure goals. Made-in-America rules could slow them.

Under the hood of the electric vehicle revolution

Pete Buttigieg knows EV range anxiety is a thing

It’s the end of the car as we know it

Public transit for nine bucks a month? Germany tried it.

California’s gas car ban will change how everyone drives

Missing parts, long waits, and a dead mouse: The perils of getting a Tesla fixed

Airlines are trying to resurrect the Concorde era

Silicon Valley is wrong about the future of transportation

Mad about inflation? Blame your local officials.

The deadliest road in America

Being a pedestrian in the US was already dangerous. It’s getting even worse.

The unsinkable potential of autonomous boats

The fight against inflation starts at sea

The simple, impactful way to make cars cleaner

These batteries work from home

The death of the gas station

How to clear the air in the most polluted cities on Earth

Why Tesla won’t stop

Why 5G is causing flight cancellations

Electric cars aren’t just vehicles. They’re big batteries.

The downside to Biden’s electric vehicle charging plan

Improving public transit makes it easier for people to stay healthy