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Today, Explained

Today, Explained is Vox's daily news explainer podcast. Hosts Sean Rameswaram and Noel King will guide you through the most important stories of the day. You can listen to it, and more Vox podcasts, here. Today, Explained is now available on public radio stations across the US.

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The Today, Explained team includes Amina Al-Sadi, Matt Collette, Haleema Shah, Efim Shapiro, Will Reid, Victoria Chamberlin, Miles Bryan, Hady Mawajdeh, and Laura Bullard. The show is a production of the Vox Media Podcast Network. Transcripts of the show are available here. Download learning exercises to go along with our Today, Explained to Kids episodes.

These 7 Supreme Court cases could have massive implications for Americans

Here are the most damning parts of the whistleblower report against President Donald Trump

Here’s what comes next in the House’s impeachment inquiry

Washington, DC, is serious about statehood

Vaping. Brexit. Trump Foundation shenanigans. Today, Explained’s host breaks down his favorite episodes.

The third Democratic presidential debate, explained in under 30 minutes

What’s up with the yield curve?

A new approach to guns in America

13 of Vox’s best podcast episodes of 2018

Helping you understand the most important news in the world, five days a week

6 things to read, listen to, and watch to understand family separation

Mo Salah, the World Cup’s “Egyptian King,” explained

North Korea and South Korea made history this week

What’s my wage again?

Teachers in Oklahoma aren’t gonna take it anymore

The Cleveland Indians begin their final season with Chief Wahoo

The new abortion wars

What’s most frightening about National Security Adviser John Bolton

After March for Our Lives, what do gun control advocates want?

Not paying NCAA athletes “is the organized theft of black wealth”

“Out of the blue, he started groping me”: Trump accuser relives her #MeToo moment

Cambridge Analytiwhaaaa?

Lady and the Trump

6 months after Maria

The lawsuit against Alex Jones, explained

Why does this keep happening?

Why Trump has put off visiting California — until now

Reminder: people on disability insurance wish they didn’t have to be

Donald Trump will be the first sitting president to meet with North Korea

What’s the deal with steel?

The West Virginia teachers strike, explained

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s efforts to stay in power, explained

How “predictive algorithms” are being abused for nonconsensual porn

How Idaho became ground zero for the war against Obamacare

Mueller 101: Collusion, obstruction, and unrelated crimes

“I am comfortable saying Donald Trump doesn’t understand what’s happening with DACA”

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