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Why Trump has put off visiting California — until now

It all comes down to immigration.

President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Shawn Thew via Getty

Donald Trump is taking his first trip to California as president — one year and 52 days after he took office.

The last time it took a president this long to visit the Golden State it was FDR — because he had to take a train.

So why the delay? It likely has something to do with the ongoing debate around sanctuary cities and immigration.

Ever since Trump announced his immigration ban, California has been clashing with the president and Justice Department over what they believe is an unconstitutional Executive Order. The state filed a total of 24 lawsuits against the Trump administration in 2017.

On the latest episode of Today, Explained, Sean Rameswaram spoke with KQED reporter Marisa Lagos as well as Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims about the different sides of the immigration debate — the goals, clashing ideals, and all-around chaos.

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