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How “predictive algorithms” are being abused for nonconsensual porn

Listen: People are manipulating artificial intelligence to nonconsensually put women’s faces in fake situations.

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A technology called “predictive algorithms” can learn what your face looks like and then predict what your face would look like in other situations. Unsurprisingly, some are using it to map celebrities’ faces onto the bodies of porn stars having sex. Real people, fake videos. And totally nonconsensual.

In the latest episode of Today, Explained, Vox’s Aja Romano tells host Sean Rameswaram how “deepfakes” are spreading across the internet, what it means for consent, and what platforms like Reddit are doing — or not doing — to stop it.

Later in the episode, Peter Eckersley, chief computer scientist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, explores how the same technology could tear our society apart in bigger ways — namely by encouraging the spread of fake news.

Listen to the full episode of Today, Explained here:

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