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Today, Explained

Today, Explained is Vox's daily explainer podcast. Co-hosts Noel King and Sean Rameswaram will guide you through the most important stories at the end of each day. You can listen to it, and more Vox podcasts, here.

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The Today, Explained team includes Amina Al-Sadi, Matt Collette, Haleema Shah, Efim Shapiro, Jillian Weinberger, Will Reid, Victoria Chamberlin, Miles Bryan, Hady Mawajdeh, and Laura Bullard. The show is a production of the Vox Media Podcast Network. Transcripts of the show are available here. Download learning exercises to go along with our Today, Explained to Kids episodes.

Amanda Knox, in her own words

The Great Regression

YouTube’s kids app has a rabbit hole problem

Today, Explained looks at how the coronavirus pandemic reshaped the world 

Your biggest Covid-19 vaccine questions, answered

RSVP now: Dr. Fauci joins Today, Explained for a live conversation

A guide to the Trump administration’s biggest scandals, accomplishments, and policies 

“It isn’t a question of politics”: Fauci on calling out Sen. Rand Paul’s misinformation

Next time someone sends you fake news, share these essential tips 

Systemic racism, explained (to kids)

Why boredom can be good for you

Elections, explained (to kids)

How a vaccine gets made, explained (to kids)

Professor Ibram X. Kendi on why it’s not enough to admit when you’re being racist

Today, Explained: Greatest Hits

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Talking to kids about coronavirus

Understand the unfolding coronavirus pandemic with these Vox podcast episodes

To practice social distancing, stay 6 feet away

Why James Carville thinks Trump will lose

Covid-19, explained by Carl (who has it)

The Today, Explained podcast team picks their favorite episodes

It’s a lifestyle. It’s a culture. It’s keto. 

Noise pollution is everywhere. And the health effects are real.

“This dynamic is immortal”: Why OK boomer is much more complicated than the meme

Why Pete Buttigieg is suddenly surging in the polls

What we learned from the third day of public impeachment hearings

The world’s most profitable company is about to go public

The impeachment hearings went public. Here are the most important takeaways.

Pop culture unites us as Americans. Will streaming services change that?

3 days, 5 transcripts: What we’ve learned from recently released impeachment depositions

Trump rallies aren’t a sideshow — they’re his entire campaign

The House impeachment vote made the inquiry official. Here’s what’s next.

The October Democratic presidential debate, explained in under 25 minutes

These 7 Supreme Court cases could have massive implications for Americans

Here are the most damning parts of the whistleblower report against President Donald Trump

Here’s what comes next in the House’s impeachment inquiry

Washington, DC, is serious about statehood

Vaping. Brexit. Trump Foundation shenanigans. Today, Explained’s host breaks down his favorite episodes.

The third Democratic presidential debate, explained in under 30 minutes

What’s up with the yield curve?

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