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The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

Small businesses are essential to America. Here's how they're adapting to this moment.

Can food carts survive the pandemic?

What’s new for small businesses in the American Rescue Plan

A West Virginia pharmacist on how the state became a vaccine success story

Democrats’ remaining options for raising the minimum wage, explained

Congress is writing up Biden’s stimulus plan. Here’s what’s in it.

The Paycheck Protection Program is now more accessible — but it’s still flawed

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How do you put on a comedy show when laughter is a risk?

“I am humbled by what we’ve been able to create”: Small-business owners on when they knew they’d made it

PPP loans were supposed to be forgiven. Business owners say they’re still waiting.

Plants are in demand, but it hasn’t been easy for the stores that sell them

Restaurants have turned to GoFundMe during the pandemic. They shouldn’t have to.

How tourist towns might survive the pandemic

The pandemic seemed like the end for this bed-and-breakfast. Then locals started coming.

The false hope of reopening is killing small businesses

How the pandemic is affecting liquor stores, according to one shop owner

USPS delays are affecting the businesses that need it most

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