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Vox's coverage of stage shows, from massive Broadway productions to tiny shows at local theaters.

People forgot how to act in public 

Broadway is awash in bad pop musicals pretending to be about feminism

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Succession’s roots were in theater. That’s why it was great.

The Broadway musical getting protested by neo-Nazis

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The Whale screenwriter on writing about religious fundamentalism, bodies, and hope

Lea Michele in Funny Girl: Yes, she is that good

A complete timeline of the Lea Michele-Beanie Feldstein-Funny Girl casting controversy

Recreating The Simpsons in the post-apocalypse

The post-Hamilton era of historical musicals has begun

Company is the musical that made Sondheim’s reputation. A new production reimagines it.

Remembering Stephen Sondheim

In Sondheim’s Assassins, cornball Americana can’t cover a seething mass of violent rage

The intertwined legacies of Jonathan Larson and Lin-Manuel Miranda

The fraught, crackling return of Broadway

People still can’t get enough of Princess Diana

Six, the long-delayed pop musical about Henry VIII’s wives, is glorious nonsense

After a lost pandemic year, live theater is back

The backlash against In the Heights, explained

The star-crossed history of In the Heights and West Side Story

How In the Heights went from a student musical to one of the summer’s biggest movies

One Good Thing: A Zoom experience that will still be fun post-pandemic

The year reality collapsed into pixels

Why Hamilton is as frustrating as it is brilliant — and impossible to pin down

We got comfortable with Hamilton. The new film reminds us how risky it is.

Recording the Company cast album was infamously hellish. This cult favorite doc captured it all.

George Bush is only for now

Look around, look around: Hamilton is coming to Disney+ on July 3

Sunday’s virtual Sondheim concert was the most cathartic experience of quarantine so far

The 2020 Tonys are officially postponed

For 24 hours, watch amazing actors perform on Instagram

All Broadway shows will close for a month due to coronavirus

Staging West Side Story in 2020 is an act of hubris. Ivo van Hove’s production shows why.

Ruth Negga’s moody, smoky Hamlet is a study in vulnerability 

How Broadway’s Jagged Little Pill tries to reinvent the jukebox musical

How Stephen Adly Guirgis writes some of the best dialogue in American theater

The movie Cats doesn’t even know what the musical Cats is about

How Cats made Andrew Lloyd Webber the king of the Broadway spectacle

These days, we roll our eyes at Cats. But from the moment it opened, it was a smash.

Reckoning with Slave Play, the most controversial show on Broadway

Meet the man adapting your favorite childhood book

Taylor Swift’s “Beautiful Ghosts” might be the best part of the Cats movie