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The Highlight

The Highlight

How inheritance became a gift, a necessity, and a curse

An unholy union

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3.9 million years

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The danger of the new skepticism

"Question everything, right?" is the new mantra for some. But social echo chambers have propelled "healthy" skepticism into surreal terrain.

Such a pretty face

To all the clothes I’ve loved before

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The wild and irresistibly saucy tale of the curry con man

J. Ranji Smile served Indian food and tall tales to a hungry American public. Was he the first "celebrity chef" or a crook? The truth is complicated.

Welcome to the Self Issue of the Highlight

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As Times Square sits idle, so do Mickey and Elmo

Life was never easy for New York’s costumed performers. What happens when the tourists disappear?

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What you’re feeling is grief

What “baby bust”? New and soon-to-be parents on choosing to have kids in dark times.

Welcome to the “New” Issue of The Highlight

New crystal, new you?

Maskless travelers, nonstop parties: Coronavirus tourism is booming

Poems for a new year

“My life literally flashed before my eyes”: Freshman Rep. Mondaire Jones on a jarring start to his first term

The convenience of American amnesia

A requiem for the Twitter presidency

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Are we doomed? An investigation

At the conclusion of a dystopian year, we look to historians, preppers, and even the heavens in search of answers: What exactly was 2020, and what happens now?

I was always terrified of wasting time. A cancer diagnosis made me reconsider.

The Highlight’s best reads of the year

These stories have a remarkable richness — not in spite of the pandemic, but because of it.

Sesame Street, 2020, and me: A New York story

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Welcome to the Time Issue of The Highlight

Why time felt warped this year, plus an accounting of how women’s work is (or isn’t) valued, an ode to hours spent video gaming, and more.

How the pandemic is forcing women out of the workforce, explained in a comic

2020 was a time warp

What was 2020? For me, it was video games.

On Waiting

He was arrested for marijuana 17 years ago. Now it’s legal. So why is he still guilty of a crime?

As weed hits a cultural tipping point, states face an urgent call to expunge, or erase, minor pot convictions.

Plight at the Museum

Welcome to the Museums Issue of The Highlight

If museums want to diversify, they’ll have to change. A lot.

The joy and uneasiness of an empty museum

The Please Touch Museum and children’s museums everywhere wonder: What now?

Who are museums for?

Love, delayed

As the pandemic rages on, single people are feeling the anxiety of missed opportunities.

Is this the end of American optimism?

How old should a president be?

Welcome to the Home Issue of The Highlight

What “home for the holidays” means during a pandemic

A millennial moved back in with her parents. Her mom maybe wants her to stay forever.