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A comics panel titled “The Clutter Curator” featuring a person sitting on the floor amid clutter.

The 6 types of tidy people: A comic

We’re all homebodies now. And, no, it does not spark joy.

Part of The Home Issue of The Highlight, our home for ambitious stories that explain our world.

“The Tidiness Tyrant” wears a mask and face shield and rubber gloves while holding a bottle of disinfectant, saying “When’s the last time you washed your hands?”
“Kondoed 6 Months Ago (Then Moved On to the Next Trend” has a dresser where most of the clothes are folded Marie Kondo style, though a few are not, and on top, there’s a face roller, crystal, and some self-help books.
“The Don’t Disrupt My Pile Maker” shows a neatly organized closet surrounded by piles, including the book pile, the reject clothes pile, and the in-rotation clothes pile.
“The Company’s Coming Cleaner” shows someone cleaning old pizza boxes and piles of clothes in a whirl-wind hurry, asking “How many minutes do we have?” before company arrives.
“The Clutter Curator” sits on the floor amid clutter, insisting it’s “an aesthetic” and that “it’s not dirty, it’s a jungalow.”
“Have You Seen the Floor?” has a hand sticking up from under a pile of things and the word bubble “help.”

Kaye Rishad is a black, queer, disabled artist living in Seattle with her service dog. Her satirical work covers social issues and daily life.

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