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Welcome to The Goods by Vox

A note from Vox’s Editor-in-Chief introducing a new section devoted to the things we buy and why we buy them.

If you want to understand a culture, take a look at how its people spend their money.

Trends and popular products offer a fascinating glimpse into people’s joys and anxieties, their moments of prosperity and times of desperation, and their privileges and disadvantages. They also reflect how our way of life is changing — from the technology we invest in to the companies we choose to trust and support.

Vox’s mission has always been to give our audience the key context to understand what’s happening in the world around them. Since we launched in 2014, we’ve fulfilled this broad mission faithfully, explaining to our audience the meaning behind the latest entertainment, politics and policy, science, and international news.

Today, I’m excited to announce we’re expanding our mission into a new section, The Goods by Vox. With it, we add an essential topic to our roster: consumer culture.

The Goods by Vox will offer a deep dive into the things people buy, and how and why they buy them, using consumer trends as yet another way to understand the world.

Our stories will explain how and why items like La Croix sparkling water become ubiquitous; dig into why questionable fashions from the past reemerge; unpack the claims and controversies behind splashy new products; and cover how popular brands intersect with news and important issues of the day.

At The Goods by Vox, we promise to have fun, but we also promise to take fashion, technology, beauty, food, and design trends as seriously as the money and time so many of us spend on them.

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