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The Goods

The Goods

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Mandatory overtime is garbage

What’s at stake in the freight rail labor fight

A strike was likely averted — but it would have been an economic disaster.

How to (actually) stay friends with an ex

It’s possible to have a platonic friendship with someone you used to date. Here’s how — and whether you should try in the first place.

Work sucks when you’re the only one left

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Two dozen tech founders living in a mansion. What could go wrong?

Launch House promised young tech founders community. A Vox investigation found what happens when clout and cash are paramount, and protecting members falls by the wayside.

What if we’re fighting inflation all wrong?

The sex worker teaching TikTok about legal brothels

So your kid wants to be an influencer

How to set boundaries when your family sides with your ex

Pumpkin spice lattes — and the backlash, and the backlash to the backlash — explained

Why we keep falling for fitness fads

You can ignore Andrew Tate

TikTok is great for spreading political messages — and conspiracy theories

Is a payment plan for that new jacket a good idea?

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How the internet broke the calendar

The best $4 I ever spent: A sparkly hijab

The inflation prices that broke us

Instagram is once again in its flop era

The stock market can be an emotional roller coaster. It shouldn’t be.

Stopping inflation is going to hurt

How the anti-aging industry turns you into a customer for life

What GDP does and doesn’t tell us

Bully your rich friends into commissioning more art

The pandemic impulse purchases we grew to hate

The best $180 I ever spent: My union fees

Not Okay is a horror movie for the influencer age

We all just fell for Amazon’s made-up holiday yet again

Tacky is back!

The best $79 I ever spent: Paint for my very own bedroom walls

One Good Thing: A Danish drama lets its girlbosses fail

Flying will be the worst part of your summer vacation

NFTs and the monetization of hope

Brands want to be more than your friend. They want community.

The nontoxic social media app that tells you your toxic traits

You shouldn’t have to ask your boss for an abortion

The anti-abortion “social safety net”

Labor exploitation, explained by Minions

Actually, maybe don’t learn to code

How Catholicism became a meme

Juneteenth merch is American consumerism at its most crass

The best $2,618 I ever spent: A second wedding ceremony

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It’s a terrifying time to have kids in America. It doesn’t have to be this way.

How do you raise kids in a country that seems to hate them?