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The Goods

The FDA says buying young people’s blood won’t stop you from aging

Karl Lagerfeld’s long history of disparaging fat women

Payless is closing all its US stores

Karl Lagerfeld, the iconic Chanel designer, is dead at 85

Why everyone is talking about towels

The Oscars gift bags are full of THC, CBD, and therapy to calm stressed-out celebs

How to dress for cold weather, explained by an arctic researcher 

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Amazon scrapped its New York City plans. Some residents are elated — others are disappointed.

Meet Annie Turnbo Malone, the hair care entrepreneur Trump shouted out in his Black History Month proclamation

Walmart just got hit with a major gender discrimination lawsuit

“Patient influencers” are the latest Instagram trend, and they want to sell you drugs and devices

Why yearbooks keep revealing skeletons in politicians’ closets

Amazon won’t build HQ2 in New York City after all

The best of everything

So many products today claim to be the best. Why — and why can’t we stop buying them?

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Why harnesses are all over red carpets right now

Why book covers still use the phrase “A Novel”

F45 is the most popular workout you’ve never heard of

An airline is suing a customer who skipped a leg of his flight to save money

Dating scams cost Americans over $143 million in 2018

Why aphrodisiac foods don’t work, and why we keep trying them anyway

The heart-shaped box of chocolates is a Valentine’s staple. Here’s where it came from.

Why retailers overlook women who aren’t quite plus or straight size

Gucci is the latest fashion brand to spark a blackface controversy

Under Amazon, Whole Foods prices were expected to decrease. Instead, they’re rising.

The rise of the Instagram-friendly vibrator

The hidden environmental cost of Valentine’s Day roses

Why all the berries on Instagram look fake lately

The best $24.95 I ever spent: an ugly organizer for cables and cords

I’m a geophysicist. My signature fieldwork uniform is bright pink.

Ariana Grande and Donald Glover weren’t at the Grammys, but their weird cartoon ads were

Nearly all of the big dating apps are now owned by the same company

Ariana Grande stole the Grammys spotlight without even showing up

All the best, most interesting looks from the Grammys

Amazon is reportedly reconsidering its plan to open a second headquarters in NYC

Wells Fargo customers are having trouble accessing ATMs, credit cards, and online accounts

The decline of fashion week, explained

This company created a super-popular phone accessory. Here’s how it fights counterfeits.

Marie Kondo is training an army of tidying consultants

The tidying expert has conquered book sales and Netflix. Now her KonMari consultants are coming to your home.

CBD edibles are everywhere now. They also might be illegal.