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The Goods

The Goods

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The best $34.32 I ever spent: My white cane

The D’Amelio kids are not all right

Their new show on Hulu shows the great American paradox of winning the fame lottery.

The hype around exercise dresses, explained

Thanks to TikTok, the three-year-old athleisure trend started by Outdoor Voices has yet to settle.

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The Great Shortage

Peloton star Cody Rigsby, explained by his biggest fans 

How 9/11 convinced Americans to buy, buy, buy

Searching for sustainability in the face of environmental racism

Corporate America still isn’t sure what to say about abortion

Meet the most hilariously weird model on TikTok

How your favorite jeans might be fueling a human rights crisis

Cotton’s connection to forced labor by Uyghurs in Xinjiang ought to have you rethinking fast fashion.

Service workers now have another thankless job: Checking vaccine statuses

You can buy stuff online, but getting it is another story

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Wealth inequality exists among influencers, too

It’s incredibly hard to know what you should pay for secondhand clothes

He’s All That is a Hallmark movie for Gen Z

Pandemic unemployment insurance is ending at maybe the worst possible time

My nemesis, the piano

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Caring for the elderly has never been more expensive, exhausting, or invisible

As millions "age in place," millions more must figure out how to provide their loved ones with increasingly complex care.

The best $1,419 I ever spent: Flights for my long-distance relationship

The complicated reality of doing what you love

The death of the job

Are you ready for the return of prep?

The story of amusement parks is the story of America

With all of its sparkle and chipped paint.

Some companies are mandating vaccines — but not for front-line workers

How free college became a perk for American workers

Bama Rush TikTok, explained and explained and explained

Are your houseplants actually good for the planet?

The college dorm shopping industrial complex is real 

The best $4.99 I ever spent: Mass Effect 2

Shein, the Chinese fast fashion giant, explained

Gaming culture is toxic. A major lawsuit might finally change it.

Chaos edits are the only thing that makes sense anymore

Brands are already marketing to Generation Alpha

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Trading cards are big business now. Blame the adults. 

Pokémon cards, baseball cards, even Magic: The Gathering cards can all be worth thousands.

The surprisingly okay state of consumer debt

This company claims to help the world’s biggest corporations recycle. Activists say it’s greenwashing.

How TikTok became a haven for queer and questioning kids

America isn’t panicking about inflation

The $5,000 quest for the perfect butt

What empty offices mean for America’s cities — and workers

Homeownership can bring out the worst in you

LA’s favorite flea market is a teen fashion paradise