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The Goods

Amazon created the expectation of 2-day shipping. Now it needs to scale back.

How Chipotle Supersized the American Burrito

When DIY becomes D(on’t)IY

It Was Never Like Crack

I don’t eat meat. Should my dog?

Why do airplanes look like nightclubs now?

Sansa Stark’s leather armor shows why you shouldn’t underestimate her

What people don’t get about why planes crash

Kanye West hosted a Coachella Easter service featuring $225 sweatshirts

Leftist memes are everywhere on Instagram. Now their creators are unionizing.

Why celebrities try to trademark their catchphrases and baby names

Amazon and Walmart are testing a program to accept food stamps online

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The evolution of Daenerys Targaryen, explained by her costumes

Why so many people — including right-wing pundits — hate cargo shorts

The persistent myth of finding love on a plane

As extreme diets have become mainstream, Beyoncé swears she’ll never do hers again

How airport scanners discriminate against passengers of color

How Harry Potter and emoji became part of Passover

All Out of Luck

Why Fisher-Price is recalling a cult-favorite baby product

Notre Dame is one of Paris’s most visited landmarks. Here’s what the fire could mean for the city.

When did vitamins get so cool?

Tiger Woods won at the Masters, and so did Nike

This bot will do your homework for $9.95 a month. Does it actually work?

The best of everything

So many products today claim to be the best. Why — and why can’t we stop buying them?

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The cheap and shady business of taking selfies with tigers

Madewell has been outshining J.Crew for years. Now it might become its own company.

Amazon made a skin care line based on what users search for

The thriving, legally questionable market for synthetic urine

Returning online purchases is getting harder. That’s a good thing.

Walmart says its new robots will make human employees happier

Inside a fashion show held at the State Department

Some apps use design to trick you into sharing data. A new bill would make that illegal.

Why funky ’70s-style fonts are popping up on brands like Chobani and Glossier

Amazon now recommends its products to you based on your horoscope`

The best $20,000 I ever spent: Starbucks every day of my adult life

The evolution of Game of Thrones’ Cersei Lannister, explained by her costumes

How to quit Facebook without quitting Facebook

The unsuccessful history of product placement in books, from Bulgari to Sweet’N Low