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The Goods

Chick-fil-A’s charitable foundation kept donating to anti-LGBTQ groups

Why this climate change data is on flip-flops, leggings, and cars

The Instagram-famous plant that used to be impossible to find

How crafters are using Peeps to explain science

Instagram just took advantage of Amazon’s biggest weakness

A fake Tom Ford quote about Melania Trump is going viral on Twitter

You can now shop on Instagram without leaving the app

As air pollution gets worse, a dystopian accessory is born

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Hundreds of US cities are killing or scaling back their recycling programs

Myspace, which still exists, accidentally deleted 12 years’ worth of music

How the Tinder algorithm actually works

Tourists are flocking to locations threatened by climate change. That only makes things worse.

At-home shopping shows still make a lot of money

Why we love to play the lottery when we know we won’t win

Olivia Jade, the influencer at the center of the college admissions scandal, explained

Four Loko, Joose, and Sparks: an abridged history of caffeinated alcohol

The outrageously expensive world of college counseling services, explained

When Facebook goes down, an economy goes with it

Why actors in TV commercials look so familiar

RuPaul’s Drag Race helps turn queens into stars — and savvy marketers

Congress held hearings about the health hazards of talc. Is regulation next?

US joins other countries in grounding certain Boeing jets after a deadly crash

A Yelp-style app for conservatives wants to protect right-wingers from “socialist goon squads”

Dick’s Sporting Goods is removing even more guns from even more stores

The best of everything

So many products today claim to be the best. Why — and why can’t we stop buying them?

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Reclaiming the Grain Bowl

How gray sweatpants became an emblem of female thirst

The best $2,000 I ever spent: the lawyer who cleared me of a drug charge

Suicide attempts and mental breakdowns: 911 calls from Amazon warehouses reveal that some workers are struggling

Why businesses that declare bankruptcy don’t always die

Will Bibles designed for the Instagram generation get millennials into religion? 

New brand, same culture: Wells Fargo workers say the company is still toxic

Amazon kiosks helped bring foot traffic to struggling malls. Now they’re all closing.

Philadelphia just banned cashless stores. Will other cities follow?

The history behind Captain Marvel’s super suit

 LaCroix CEO says brands are basically “handicapped” people

Family Dollar was once considered “Amazon-proof.” Now it’s closing hundreds of stores.

How Kylie became the wealthiest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family

Why do we hate decaf so much?