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The Americans

FX's The Americans: episode recaps, reviews, analysis, and roundtable discussions.

The Americans finale proved there are TV fates worse than death

The Americans series finale’s greatest secrets, explained by its showrunners

How The Americans built one of the best final seasons ever made

The Americans seeks a new “START” in a tremendous series finale

The Americans spends its penultimate episode raising lots of very big questions

The Americans unveils a master class in building tension in “The Summit”

The Americans builds and builds and builds that tension

The Americans spends a lonely Thanksgiving contemplating the end

The Americans enters its endgame with a brilliant episode full of lines finally crossed

The Americans threatens its most important character: Philip and Elizabeth’s marriage

The Americans begins its long plunge toward the end in a riveting episode

In “Tchaikovsky,” The Americans turns a gap between spies into a chasm

The Americans’ final season premiere is a masterful exercise in tension-building

The Americans’ showrunners explain their intimate, sometimes polarizing season 5

The Americans finale leaves us arguing over the point of this next-to-last season

The Americans’ "The World Council of Churches” tests loyalties, limits, and parenting skills

On The Americans, “Dyatkovo” pushes Soviet loyalties to the brink

The Americans’ latest episode has a big twist up its sleeve — it’s heartwarming

The Americans’ spies confront the ghosts of missions past

Is The Americans season 5 ever getting to the point?

On The Americans, a set of goodbyes gets personal — and troubling

On The Americans, everything’s falling apart at the worst possible time (as always)

The Americans’ “What’s the Matter With Kansas?” tries to do the decent thing

The Americans says hello to some old friends in “The Midges”

The Americans’ “Pests” forces everyone to reconsider what it means to do “the right thing”

The Americans has always been a show about faith

The Americans season 5 premiere digs a hole some characters won’t escape

The Americans enters its endgame, reluctantly hopeful about humanity

How 2016's movies and TV reflected Americans’ changing relationship with religion

The Americans’ showrunners on their Emmy breakthrough and our summer of Russia


How a TV show goes from an idea in someone’s head to an episode on your screen

Making television is a fast-paced, involved, and deeply collaborative process. We spent five months on the set of FX spy drama The Americans learning how it all works.

Was The Americans' season finale stellar or disappointing? We hash it out.

The Americans' showrunners on that finale, fake relationships, and what’s to come

Can the end get any closer than it already is on The Americans?

The Americans kicks into overdrive as it heads into the season's home stretch

The Americans season 4, episode 10: "Munchkins" hears the sound of approaching doom

The Americans fills with apocalyptic dread in "The Day After"

One chart that explains 47 episodes of The Americans

The Americans airs one of the best TV episodes of the year

The Americans tightens its focus in an enthralling, tense episode